Now that DH is being nerfed

Can you keep you cancerous res priest decks of ladder and play something you enjoy?

Every other non priest player.

p.s. yes I’m tilted as I just lost to some clueless player because his catrina summoned an infiltrator which killed my akama(out of a fullboard to choose from) and cost me lethal. All this after 30 mins of killing the same 2 minions over and over and over and over and over.


Join the meme power of Infectious Sporeling + Rocket Augmerchant. The ultimate res priest destroyer


First time I see these two cards and I already love the combo.

That sounds cool and all but are there enough of those Priests to make it worth the card slots?

Seems like the tech slot is currently occupied by weapon removal (or stealing if you want to get spicy).

If only we played with sideboards.

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Resurrect priest is a lazy design but it is all Priest seems to have in standard. The deck might as well play itself. There is little to no calculation necessary in order to play that deck. Board clears are straightforward, resurrects are random. I never played it and loathe playing against it.

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Yeah, no one should be playing Rez priest. It is super easy to tech against now.

It might be worth it if there would be some huge, DR or powerful minions pretty common. And even then its 2 card combo with horrible stats.

But if your hate for priests is burning bright…its well worth it :smiley: But mostly meme

It can stay off the ladder when Priest has an archetype with some potential. It’s endlessly frustrating that it hasn’t received a proper Control deck in forever, that it’s not allowed to have the cards to compete for the board, and that it’s only Tempo surge cards require you to remove almost every minion from the deck.

The two emerging competitive archetypes are Res (again, still, forever) and Highlander, an archetype that hasn’t even received any proper support because for some reason Blizzard wanted Priest to be an EVIL class. Despite their design direction for the class (Res) being completely contrary to the concept of Lackeys, and their Galakrond, while good in itself, can’t even run Neutral Invokes because those are all balanced around the other classes having Invokes that are Tempo surges. So they’re garbage in Priest. But hey they really wanted Lazul in EVIL and couldn’t come up with a better class to put her in.

Create a competitive Priest list that’s not Res and not a bad version of the classes that were meant to be Highlanders, and I’ll happily play it.


This thread motivated me to bring my Rez priest back onto ladder


Res priest actually has some fun new toys that really make it interesting. It’s actually really fun to play right now.

As long as they don’t touch wild, blizzard can do what ever they want

With the priest revamp, it might be intentional. A lot of the revamped priest classic/basic set is better for tempo oriented play that you wouldn’t normally think of running in a control deck, and of course not a res deck. “Tempo priest” seems crazy since priest normally has no resource generation or card draw (mass dispel is like the only draw left? RIP cleric)

…but resource generation is exactly what galakrond does for priest. And priests do still have a bit of card stealing if that’s not enough to make up for having no card draw.

This also explains why the priest lackey minion is a 2/2 deathrattle. On its own it’s not good for tempo play, but it can support tempo play. In early game it might not win the board on its own, but the lackey you get helps you in a later turn. In the late game, you can drop it if you have left over mana to further bolster your board, and its nature as a deathrattle that could give you a very useful lackey can discourage board clears. Ditto the 1/2 invoke or psychic conjurer

I’m not saying this will create a competitive deck, but that I can see the logic of the theory.

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Highlander priest seems decent but the deck is way too expensive to make with mediocre legos like madam luzul.

The problem with that is that they didn’t print any Tempo plays for the class. In the last year, really, and it continues to be that way. Kul’tiran doesn’t have a 1-drop to buff. The dormant Imp is utter garbage compared even to Warrior’s similarly priced dormant card, to say nothing of the other dormant cards that cost more and do more. I’d rather run the 2 mana 3/5 Rush dormant, they attack on the same turn and I get to dictate the trade.

They seem to have this idea that Priest Tempo should be about building and buffing the board, but they don’t print the tools to get ahead and how do you Zoo without card draw? So you have this archetype that needs to be carried by powerful individual minions and tempo plays that generate cards… and Blizzard doesn’t print any.

As for everything coming from Galakrond, that’s a plan that can’t reliably come into play until late-game. And that’s before you get into Priest Gala also needing the Priest minion pool to be really good to be effective against most decks. How many times can you spend 2 mana to draw a random bad card without falling behind? Most of Priest’s powerful cards are expensive, and you’re working with 8 mana most of the time now.

I’m really disappointed they didn’t do anything with “cards that didn’t start in your deck” in the last year other than Talanji, which has rotated. I’m disappointed that Rogue and Demon Hunter can draw and discount cards, but Priest Gala has to pay a 2 mana tax on it’s minions when Mage got a quest for a hero power to generate random spells, something far more proactive, and that one gets a discount. That’s balanced. I’m disappointed that they waste design space on Surrender to Madness in an era where Priest isn’t going to be designed to draw into the cards that you sacrifice mana crystals to buff.

I’m frustrated that Warrior gets Proactive Healing (Armor) and Weapons to leverage that health into board control, and then they invent Rush and decide Warrior should get that too. Priest should be a Rush class, because Priest is always playing from behind so Rush would mean it can dictate trades sometimes and use it’s hero power for something. I don’t think Demon Hunter should have better healing than Priest, as well as OTK and Draw and Weapons and Mana Reduction and Silence and a unique mechanic. Hunter has Weapons, Secrets, and Burst. Shaman has Weapons, Evolve mechanics, and a Battlecry Emphasis.

What does Priest do? Heals worse than Warlock and Demon Hunter, no weapons, no Rush, no unique mechanics. No shared mechanics, no signature keywords. “If you’re holding a dragon” shows up more than any other text, despite the core set having no dragons or support for dragons. A Galakrond so poorly supported that an unsupported archetype (Highlander) is more viable.

But that’s just a whole rant/post that’s been brewing in my head since the card reveal stream, where Priest cards were trash but still withheld until the last reveals for some reason. Despite a rework that ultimately didn’t lead anywhere.


Huh? That’s a large part of the revamp, and a few of their recent cards too.

Shadow madness has always been one of those cards that can greatly change the board in your favor (read: take one of their deathrattle/reborn/etc and run it into one of theirs)

SW D being cheaper is also nice. Between that and sw ruin and time rip (and some others though you might not run all of them), you can deal with many high attack minions.

Power infusion is, dare I say, priest version of kings.

Natalie Seline assassinates something while potentially being a very solid body.

Dark Prophecy (a recent card, from galakrond’s awakening) is, dare I say, a priest version of animal companion.

From outland there’s at least apotheosis and reqliuary being both a buff to existing board and a minion that can be played as tempo. Renew is basically the spell lackey. Heal for 3 is not as good tempo wise as a 1/1, but the discover spell aspect may give you that exact spell you need to help your tempo.

That’s like totally not true. Priest in standard has more 1 mana class minions than paladins (you know, that class that really really REALLY likes having a good 1 drop… and a 2 drop while you at it). Two of them have more than 1 health (disciple of galakrond, reliquary of souls). Even for those with 1 health, it’s not like every game is going to be against someone with ping (well, at least once the DH fad dies down ;p) or that you’ll always go second (with an enemy that plays a 1 drop). And note that those 2 cards help you in other ways (steal/draw), much like how say a hunter plays shimmerfly on turn 1 that dies easily but would give them back a card.

And in the unfortunate event you really can’t follow up a turn 1 with turn 2 kul tiras… well that’s just the way temple rolls. Off the top of my head, remember hunters when they had crackling razormaw? Not every hunter back then could buff their 1 drop with it right on turn 2. That doesn’t mean hunters couldn’t do tempo or that razormaw was a bad card. If they can’t pull the best move of turn 1 minion into turn 2 razormaw, they might just play a different 2 drop, like kindly grandmother. That razormaw buff can still be used later on a later beast. Could be as early as turn 4, where they give huffer windfury. Could be on a buffed hyena to take it further beyond. Could be on a zombeast in later metas when DK rexxar is part of the package.

Well, as above, they buffed shadow madness. Shadow word pain and death cost the same as say frostbolt to help you even the odds on the board, but they are conditionally better than frostbolt in that it can remove a minion regardless of its health or divine shield. Holy nova (and until it rotates holy ripple) is cheap enough AoE that both hurts enemy board and heals yours. Whispers of EVIL gives you a lackey for 0. Even Lazul’s Scheme has tempo uses (my favorite is stealing a big thing with cabal shadow priest, though that’s more of a control play)

The way I see it, while the priest kit isn’t all about helping them “get ahead”, it contains tools to mess with the enemy, pull them behind so to speak. I return to cabal shadow priest: alone she’s terrible tempo, but if you add in what she could steal (which is to say, pull down the enemy), she can have a huge effect on tempo.

Sure, but the ones you get from the invoke can be used before that point.

I’m pretty sure people said similarly when rogue started getting card stealing from other classes. Turns out even in the event you steal crap, the fact you just get extra cards can be useful. I will note that getting a random anything from another class is more random than just the pool of priest minions.

I’ll stop here as it’s getting further and further away from my original point about tempo priest.


I argue that it takes more strategy than people think. Rng is always helpful if it goes your way but playing the deck right against what your facing is key. You can’t just throw out cards mindlessly and expect to win. I made it to diamond 5 with res priest. It wasn’t exactly easy. Especially with all the aggro out there these days.

Pretty sure thats because if Blizz made it a Heroclass the community would rage(well atleast those on the forums).
Priest hated by all a Hero.

In the mean time im playing Highlander Priest in Wild with the new Skeletal Dragon. Great card. Yeah its great.

I play it in my deck cus its cheap. I dont realy card witch lackey i get all of em are useful at some point.
Rush serves as removal, Evovle can go on stuff when i have time and the others are generation of more stuff.
Though i do prefer the Draconic lackey.

Just dont…you just play a minion and resummon it, what can be fun?Not fun to play against thats for sure

um what… the reason to run res priest is it eats aggro decks, i queue it up exclusively when i am seeing a lot of aggro

1 attack minions don’t trade with anything, that’s the problem. Build-Your-Own-Silverback-Patriarch doesn’t sound like a powerful start to me. I’d rather put in the new Ashtongue Guy. But, still 1 attack.

There’s a neutral 1 mana 2/2 and Demon Hunter has a scaling 2/2. And Demon Hunter is a ping class, so that probably brings the ladder up to 75% ping classes. As for Reliquary, it is great. I can’t wait until Blizzard prints 5 more early game Legendaries for Priest to go with Khaarj and Lazul and Reliquary so the class can have an early game.

Power Infusion is weaker than Kings because it buffs attack less, and Priest doesn’t have a button to put a body on board. All buffs are weaker in Priest than Paladin because that button doesn’t exist. Priest, having no card draw and no button, has to consider what happens when you topdeck a card. When you topdeck Infusion, nothing happens. I don’t think very highly of Apotheosis for similar reasons.

I don’t think the problem with Priest has ever been the cost of it’s removal. Yes, cheaper SW D is nice, but you need something else to play along with it. Natalie Seline is fantastic, if you can play her without dying.

The thing about Animal Companion is that the minion pool is basically 4 drops, balanced by the fact it’s a random one of three great minions (always Huffer). There are a lot of 2 drops that aren’t great, it’s a really big pool of minions. You need to find something that trades. 2 attack really isn’t great for trading, I’ve played a lot of Convincing Infiltrators so I’ve learned that. I don’t know the math on getting a 3 attack guy, but I bet a great outcome with a reasonably success chance is getting a vanilla 3/5. So you got a bad 4-drop for 3 mana, neat. With a reasonable chance of getting, like, a 2/4 or 2/5, and a low chance of getting like a 1/5. The thing about Animal Companion is there might be a “worst outcome” but it’s still not that bad. There are plenty of bad outcomes here.

Invokes are bad in Priest because the neutrals are balanced around the Invoke doing something this turn. +Attack on hero, a 2/1 rush, two 1/1s, a cheap lackey that can potentially interact on board. Try and convince me that a 4 mana 2/2 Rush is worth putting in anybody’s deck, even if it actually a drew a card from your deck and not a random minion with a reasonable chance of being bad. 4/5 Taunt isn’t horrendous, but you’re still falling behind or, more likely already behind so your opponent can trade with it efficiently.

Ultimately, I don’t think “reasonably good” minions can make a Tempo deck work in a class without draw. Zoo always worked in Warlock because of the hero power. And I think Priest minions range from “bad” to “reasonably good.” You can’t run cards that do little things in Priest, you need cards that make up the gap in Tempo between you and your opponent.

Like, I know we’re only a couple days into the expansion and it’s a little early to give up hope, but everything is just so slow and the game is faster than ever now. And other classes just received cards that do more. Like Priest is just designed to spend two cards doing what other classes do with one.