Nothing has been fixed. You asked for a seperate thread


Just read through the recent replies in the big thread.

After making my own thread in the first place 11 days ago. Getting no reply whatsoever (fantastic customer service)
I’ve un installed and re installed Hearthstone on my IPad Pro
Done the full download once the game has installed.
And it still doesn’t work at all. Can’t get through a single turn without it dropping out. Not going to bother explaining all the issues. Just read my previous thread because nothing has been resolved.

This is getting beyond a joke.
A billion dollar company has a hugely successful game/app
For another billion dollar company’s IOS
And you can’t get it to work?
What the F are you guys doing? Honestly

It’s not like it’s a surprise apple comes out with new products, this shouldn’t even be an issue in the first place.

Give us a timeframe on a fix

Don’t give me another scripted answer like the other thread because your worried about what your bosses will say. Tell us what’s going on.


Hey there xFoobs,

I’m sorry to hear that the game is disconnecting when playing cards. Definitely not fun for sure. I’ll do my best to help get this checked out.

Is it at all possible to test different networks? Such as at a local wifi cafe, friends house, mobile hotspot, etc. This will help verify if the issue is related to the device or network.

Let us know how it goes or if this is not possible.


Thank you for the reply, I really appreciate it.

I have tried what you have suggested and taken the IPad Pro to different locations and using different connections. (WiFi, Hotspot etc)
Same issues as before
Like I mentioned in my previous post.
The app takes a while to load but once I’m in the menus and collection work just fine.

It’s when I go into a game (Casual, Ranked, Arena, Singleplayer content)
That the IPad can’t handle it. I play a card and it take 20-30 seconds for the servers to even recognize I’ve done anything. Same thing on my opponents end,
The game will drop in and out with no notice and won’t reconnect and if it does I can’t play anything because it takes so long for the servers to recognize I’ve done anything.

Like I said before I’ve taken my phone (IPhone X)
And played Hearthstone in all these locations and the connection just fine with no issues. It’s the brand new 2019 IPad Pro that can’t handle Hearthstone for some reason.


Hey again,

Thanks for following up with us on this. Since the issue is device specific and has been verified to not be related to the network connection, we may need to troubleshoot running applications and device settings.

It’s not an ideal solution, but as a test measure it might be worth it to try a factory reset of the device. Though before considering anything like that please be sure to back up all your data so you can restore it later.

If you have any questions on that process please contact Apple directly for assistance resetting the device.


No worries. It’s brand new so it shouldn’t be an issue doing a factory reset.
I’ll let you know how it goes when it’s done.
Just to clarify as well. I’ve done the full asset download on the device. Seeing that some other users have had success after doing that. Unfortunately it hasn’t had an effect for myself.


So I’ve done a full factory reset. Re downloaded the App, done the full asset download.

So far I’ve had no issues whatsoever. Fingers crossed it’s stays the way it is because it’s running great!

Thank you for your help and responses.
It’s greatly appreciated mate


Does the app takes up all the screen real estate on your iPad Pro? On mine it doesn’t, looks like it’s optimized for 9.7’’ iPad


I can guarantee it’s not network related. The last couple weeks have been getting worse and worse, until today, I can’t even click the “Play” button before I crash and get thrown back to my ios home screen. I have an iphone 6. I reinstalled the game as well, and still am encountering crashes.

Before today, I was crashing maybe once or twice in a game, and while frustrating, I was usually able to get back in before my turn ended.


There is no iPad support at all, they ignore posts regarding problems people have been complaining about for months (see black borders etc) and wonder why they haemorrhage players across their franchises. Go figure.
Once a company that people respected, now just in it for the money, no CS, few updates and bugs and build issues dating back 6-12 months that are ignored so they can pump out more content to make more $. Literally closing and deleting posts relating to iPad Pro border issues unanswered despite it being a 6 month plus issue. Best of luck getting any help

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