Nostalgia Thread


My most memorable moment is still beating a Reno/Quest Priest, who healed for 80+ or so, in fatigue with my control/Medivh Hunter with 1 health to spare. This was before KFT, so no DK Rexxy value to carry the late game, and all I had was a single Healbot iirc.

I think I still have the replay floating around somewhere, I really should watch it again one day.


A control hunter of all things beating that style of Priest? Dude, thats a reply you share with ALL of us chief.


My most nostalgic moment I can remember is getting super excited about finding this combo with mage with the animated armor, Kelthuzad and that minion that makes adjacent minions untargettable. I could kill off anything I wanted and they couldnt target my kelthuzad or animated armors and they couldnt go face because of the armors.

I thought I was invincible lol


OK, but its pretty long @31 turns, so might wanna go 1.5x or 2x speed:

The Yogg and Monkey shenanigans towards the end, just wow.


When you said “Monkey” I didn’t realize you meant the Golden Monkey from Elise. Seesh, he even got Yogg off his Monkey.

0 mana Raza power, Priest Quest, and a Reno with Brewmaster. That is a lotta health to chew through.

You’re making me miss Medivh though. He really isn’t bad, he’s just been outpaced. Ah, that -was- a good meta, right after Un’Goro was released.


The good old times for me anyway we’re not knowing a thing about the game. Opening packs with absolutely no knowledge about what we’re good cards or anything.

I remember getting a golden card and thinking it was better than the normal variant in some way because “it’s gold it has to be better” and immediately putting it into my deck.

Also getting your first Legendary was like the bees knees. I got a Ysera and put it into every deck I had because it was a Legendary.

Also also I remember this vividly. The Ancient One!!! I spent so long and TBH pulled it off quiet a few times. I don’t know why I thought this was the best but I was trust me.

I never played any CCG before this and I don’t really remember how I came across Hearthstone. I think it was a recommended video of YouTube sent me to Kibler. Right when WoTOG came out .
This whole maybe 4 month period of not knowing absolutely anything. Not going to any forum, not even knowing players net decked, not ever getting past rank 15 was so much fun.

Like I said the ancient one decks I made. Just putting random stuff together and messing around was the best.

It wasn’t until Patches was released that I finally got over that bull and wanted to see if anyone else was thinking the same thing and here we are 3 years later.
Like some others have mentioned that rank 5 and above is the norm now and I feel like I’m salty way more than I should be haha

My favorite time though was Reno Mage with Medivh
That was some spicy shenanigans :wink:


Thanks for posting man! Some interesting moments that match lol. Getting Soggoth from the Medivh staff was life saving first time. The opponent got lucky with some topdecks like a SW:D an Dragonfire Potion in the game.

Lyra was fun to get from the Un’Goro pack I’m sure lol. Those golden monkeys though…! I was rooting for ya when I saw you get Mal’Ganis ha. Your opponent got 2 Yoggs though! An that last Yogg gave Cabalists Tome I think? Dancing with death you guys were so close in fatigue.

However the Greatest thing someone can see from this reply is…


Barnes pulled a youthful brewmaster. RARE FOOTAGE FROM ANCIENT HEARTHSTONE TIMES


And managed to bounce Yogg for round 2 the next turn. Yeah, thats why I play HS. I know many others dont like the rng factor, and I can respect that, but thats crap what keeps me playing the game. I love watching the fireworks on a 25 spell Yogg (if he doesnt kill himself early anyway).

After watching it again though, it was actually Iron Hide from Elise 2.0 that saved my butt, that 5 armour mattered at the end of the day.

For sure, the nostalgia is real watching that replay. For me anyway.


Relevant to this thread:



How have I not seen that before? I was expecting the SMOrc song, but this is on another level:


Haha, it’s been almost a year since I released this. I thought all the regulars had already seen it. Thanks for embedding the video, I couldn’'t do it. :slight_smile:


So that your work?!? Well done mate, my hats off to you!

It just had to be done. Sorta sad under circumstances like this the “trust level” thing exists, but I understand the reasons for it.


I remember trying to get the dust for Tirion, THE legendary at that time. I was just missing 40 dust and thought, ok I will use my hard earned gold on ONE pack… Turned out in said pack was the legendary I wanted to craft. Sigh, memories…


My first memories of the game were these 2:

  1. I played ladder and this dude beat me with a 28/28 lightwell. I thought “Wow! Inner fire priest is nuts”. This was the first ladder deck i tried to craft. Yeah…

  2. Arena. My first game in arena (when i grew confident about knowing the game) was a priest draft with 3 dark cultists. It went 6/3 and i never stopped playing arena as my first game mode since then.


My favorite was 1st legend.
LoE meta, Thij’s netdecked tempo mage, watched him play 3 matches w it and got the whole ‘tempo’ lesson. Of course, I swapped out 2 fireballs for Rag and Azure Drake, so clearly the deck became all “mine” and 0 percent copied…oh the mindset there right?

My bragging rights I beat top-3 EU player at the time with that gold celebration cardback with some pre-katrena, pre-grizzly egg hunter.

Losing to Fib on his control warrior was a fantastic experience. That’s where I truly learned how good some people are at this game. Beat VLPS too in legend.

I recall hitting R2 season 2 with Reynad’s zoo against a sea of FoN Roar Druids, I was so nervous to log in I felt like hitting legend at that time was a Blizzcon ticket. I was 1 month into HS and any TCG for the first time and here I was at Rank 2 having no idea how I climbed so high. Remember, this is all pre floors, so the good old days of HS where every single match mattered, there was no floors to try out new things, and more importantly learn new decks at a safety net floor, or safety nets for if you don’t know your deck in and out.

I remember my first 12 win arena with a Savageryx2 Druid. Then the next night another 12 win with druid.

But speaking of Nostalgia, I don’t think anything could come close to that time Pirate Warrior began it’s MSOG reign of absolute terror. Pirate Warrior with Small Time…Charging Patches…2 mana FWA…the deck was lightning fast. Shaman was also super good with that 3/4 totem that dominated the game if on curve.

I miss combo-priest, before the awful death knight ruined the deck and made it warp around the death knight which caused Raza to get nerfed incorrectly.

A bonus.
Anyone remember their first time seeing a Miracle Rogue “go off” with 5 mana Auctioneer? That was for sure, w/o a doubt, my hook line and sinker to HS. Seeing some deck play like even just 5-6 cards in one turn…while I played like a yeti…it was like OH my gosh what is going on? This is sooo cool.

It’s just a shame Auctioneer had to get nerfed to unplayable.
We need more decks that care about what’s in your deck, your outs, non-targeted draw, navigation, not a quest-win-condition, the only mana cheating going on was prep, and relied on chargers and not-giants to seal the deal. One of the most skill intensive decks, and they nerfed it.

Why do they nerf skill-testing decks like that?


First year or so. When I was learning the game, building up solid collection, was amazed by new expansions and bulding a new decks.

Then it kinda got repetitive and eventualy boring so I was spending less time, sometimes HS wasnt able to get me interested for a month or even longer.

Though what really sparked my intereset was trying to build and optimize Dragon mage deck in KoFT and hitting r4 by playing only that deck without a swap.

Other than that it was mostly boring. I guess this first year in HS was pretty great game experience but I guess I have suffered a lot by that same repetitve experience, oversimplified rules and pretty laughable learning curve.


I remember playing Mage in one of my very first matches back in 2014. My opponent dropped Lore Walker Cho on the board. I had not seen Cho before and my deck was very spell heavy. I lost and my first crafted Legendary was Cho. So young and foolish back then…now I’m less young.

Some of my favorite matches were using my Echo Mage deck(I only homebrew). Something so satisfying about getting beat down to 10 or less health, having done little to no damge to the opponents face while enduring their taunting because they believe they are winning only to freeze their board and fill your board and hand with Molten and Arcane Giants (helped to have an ice block in place just incase). They always stopped emoting after that.

Some brawls through the times have been very memorable for me as well. Even though they were more recent, the one where all your cards reduced in cost each turn and the Void Singularity were a blast for me (pretty sure they were both repeat brawls). I built a C’Thun Rogue deck for both. In the cost reducing one, Spirit of the shark and a 50+ attack C’Thun made for amazing finishes. In the Singularity Brawl, the Blade of C’Thun was so fun to drop on their huge 40+ attack minions and then shadowstep it so they knew I’d do it again.

I also have enjoyed the coop brawls. Sometimes you would get that one partner where you felt like there was some sort of telepathy between you and every play you made synergized with the cards in their hand. Of course matches came along where your “partner” seemed to be trying to play against you (and they probably were).

Good times through the years for sure. Not bad for a $30.00 investment over 5 years. I consider myself f2p, but I like to throw them a bone now and then to say thanks. I can’t afford $110.00CAD for an 80 pack bundle, so my few pennies here and there will have to do.


Wasn’t it Jimmy Hendrix who said that nostalgia was a heck of a drug? As time passes, most folks tend to look backwards with fondness and gloss over the bad times in favor of the good ones. That’s one of the few tendencies that human beings have that I think is actually a baseline positive for the species. Most human natural tendencies are selfish and even cruel … but nostalgia is one of those things that gives me a little hope that the human race might have have a kernal of something good in them.


This C’thun card is new…lets see what we have here…we’ll try this and this…

Plays a few matches.

I need some taunt in the midgame…we’ll take out this for Senjin…

Plays more matches

Its perfect…what is this button? Crafting…?

Presses button

Holy Champion?! I have to craft it! I can craft cards I don’t have!!

Makes a healing deck built around Holy Champion

If I could just keep her behind a taunt…and have CoC in hand…I know I could pull this off…

Plays a few more matches.

Its working!!! Omg, its working! Look how big she is! Okay, calm down. Lets think this through…

A few months later…

I wonder if this game has a message board…

And the rest they say, is history.


I remember when Reno came out. There was no Kazakus. Any class and every class had a Reno deck. Then Kazakus came out and all of a sudden he was restricted to 3 classes. :frowning:

Today I was playing Dalaran Heist and got Neptulon somehow and remembered how much I loved that card. Back before I knew what meta decks were, what netdecking was, and I yolo’d ladder with my custom made control shaman. Loved the late game value of that card.

I remember when Yeti was good and in every deck.

I remember when Azure Drake and Ragnaros were in every deck. R.I.P. But, truth be told, I don’t even use them in wild, even in highlander decks.