No reward packs in Dalaran Heist, Chapter One


I completed chapter one in the Dalaran Heist (European Server) and did not receive any reward (not after defeating Boss 5 and not after finishing the round by defeating Boss 8). No 3 Packs and the Chapter One screen even started without the chest to check out, what the reward will be. I first thought, I’ll have to complete some more things in Chapter One (like alternative hero powers), but when I played Chapter Two and got the reward there after finishing Boss 5 and even found the chest on the startscreen for the Chapter, before beating it, I noticed, that there must have gone something wrong in Chapter One.

Anybody experienced the same problem? Can Blizzard somehow track down some logfile or something like that, to find out, if there went something wrong?

Missing reward from Dalaran Heist 2nd week

I’ve encountered the same problem with chapter one.


Chapter 3 no problem either. I finished 1 for the second time, to check if the reward may trigger still, but to no avail.

Is there a chance to get the packs? Support? Hello?


If you want to contact Customer Support, then click the Support link at the top of the screen, and go through the in-game / not listed here choices to make a ticket.

This forum is for reporting bugs. It is not customer support.


Ok. Thanks for the info. I already contacted german customer support and they told me to post my problem here. I even got a link from the guy to this bug-report forum. :thinking::hugs:

Update: When I click on the support link above, it redirects me to the support site, where I already posted my problem and where they told me to post my problem here… :confounded:


Customer Support often asks people to post their problem here because, apparently, they do not have a way to forward issues to developers / QA staff directly. The sole reason for that is to raise awareness at those departments of the issues Customer Support sees. This can then help fix the bug to prevent other people from being hit by it.

But Customer Support themselves remain the party responsible for handling your ticket. If their response made you believe that this forum would take it from there, then either you misunderstood or the CS staff was not aware of the correct procedure.

So by posting here, you have hopefully helped Blizzard to, hopefully soon, fix the issue so that others don’t run into it. But nobody here can verify packs that were added to and opened on your account, or add new packs - whereas Customer Support staff can (or at least should be able to) do exactly that.


I just reopend my ticket there now. Let’s see, if they can help somehow. :grinning:

Update: Sorry, to disappoint you, BigHugger, but after reopening my ticket with customer support, they told me, that they don’t have any means to check if my account received the packs or not.

They just confirmed what you told me, that, by posting the problem here, the developers will eventually become aware of the bug and hopefully fixed it somehow. So, when I’m lucky, the developers will help with a patch or something like that, whereas customer support can’t help at all in this case… :frowning_face:


Has anyone received a solution for this or has the missing packs been compensated ?
My opened ticket with support has been closed without solution, or compensation… as per game master, “Yes, you didn’t receive packs but we don’t have solution, can’t compensate, can’t do any thing” . Wait for developer to release a patch to fix the issue. Not sure what to do

Here is the ticket and detail


No solution yet and no packs received! :frowning: