No new Hero Card


Though I personally wouldn’t mind seeing some new legendary Spells and Weapons sprinkled along.


No big deal, they probably just wanted a break after DKs roll out of standard.


I’m not sure. Heroes will probably continue with it along because they aren’t expansion specific. If there’s any, it’ll be one, and that’s it. I personally don’t mind them as long as they aren’t as scarring as DSR.

Also I 100% agree, I hope legendary weapons and spells stay.


It’s from Peter Whalen, not me.

I don’t mind there not being Hero cards every expansion. I do think within the right expansion theme and in the right class they can make sense, like Warrior and Boom.

I also think there’s been plenty of context within the last year for a new Legendary Weapon for one of the weapon classes and a Legendary Spell for the Kazakus classes.

It would add more variety.