New Warlock Legendary: Arch-Villain Rafaam


I actually really like the card. Not only is it fun, but as others have pointed out could be great in control mirrors. All that removal sitting there doing nothing? Play this and BAM ton of threats at your fingertips.


I think Archvillain Rafaam is actually a good card.

It fits in a Control Warlock that doesn’t have a win condition besides clearing everything your opponent throws at you. This is your late game power and the body is nice with an immediate effect (Taunt).

If you’re playing a Control mirror, it could be extremely difficult for your opponent to clear huge minions turn after turn (ask Rexxar about it).

It’s obviously many times stronger than Elise and just a cool card overall.


This will be the most crafted golden legendary card, thats for sure :stuck_out_tongue:


Battlecry: Replace your hand with Millhouse Manastorm, Duskfallen Aviana, and Gonk. RNG :clown_face: fiesta up ahead.


There’s more chances of you getting huge strong minions though. And even if you get crap, at least Warlock has the ability to tap into something more interesting.


Not sure if you would want to replace your powerful Warlock cards with Legendarys but I like the design of the card none the less.

Mini Golden Monkeys are always fun.


Well, if I were a Zoolock, I would consider adding this if I am matching with a deck that will beat my little board.

Drop Rafaam and I might have the fatties to give me a glimmer of hope.


The cards probably going to be playable because the stats are ok, but personally I hate getting Rando cards. This card also prevents Glinda + Baleful Banker that could have been good after rotation.

Shamans or Mages,Rogues,Priests, etc can have this card instead.

Maybe there will be cards that enable Hakkar Warlock and Raafam is the answer to not die to your own deck.


Random legend effect is almost always bad,none of the previous cards was goid ( there been several).
Warlock had bad legends past year as well,was hoping for something better.

Hakkar maybe,seems far fetched.


Its worth mentioning that Prince Liam actually has seen play for many of the same reasons people cite for Rafaam. Now, there are significant differences. His stat line was great and mana cost fit the low curve required by aggressive decks.

Cards which offer even the possibility of an out in bad matchups usually work well so long as the card itself is well statted and provides a decent impact.

Time will tell. Enough value cards are leaving standard I think he will see play through this expansion at least. I dont think his time to shine will mirror Lich King by any means, but 1st sets are usually card starved enough to create room for outliers.


Yes Random Legendaries are often bad but most of the time you are playing this at 10 mana and have a bunch of dead cards in your Hand and Deck so getting a Random Bad Minion to develop on board is usually much better than an unusable dead card and even then the Bad Legendaries have more stats than the average minion in a regular deck you just play 2x the mana for it when the game shifts into Value instead of Tempo.


I’m excited because I’ve always been a fan of playing discocolock until quest is complete and portal is out, and THEN renouncing. The fun and RNG is delicious!

I do believe I’ll try a version with this AND renounce, maybe one of each. Some games I’ll renounce, some I’ll turn my deck to legends, but either way they’ll he backed by infinite imps to clear a path!


I also plan to make a wild Baku rafaam deck for funsies :slight_smile:


“I like your battlecry. I think I will seance it!!!”


This is absolutely a Zoolock card. Odd paladin runs Prince to turn crappy early game draws into more expensive minions to give it some more value if the game goes long. Zoo warlock can empty it’s hand for 8 turns and then start tapping into big minions. A bunch of random junk is a lot worse than a real late game deck, but it’s way better than drawing a voidwalker on turn 9.


Replace your useless hand and deck with 75% useless high cost minions


The “RAFFAM INTO MECATHUN!!!” clickbait is going to be intense


I don’t think people are really giving this card enough credit. Post-rotation the power level of hearthstone is going to be severely nerfed. A card like this might actually provide enough late game value to shine.

I do not believe this will fit into a Zoo Warlock deck, though. The game plan for zoo is usually to win the board early and snowball. Theoretically, I understand best case scenario you’re up against a control deck, they’re killing all of your minions, your future draws are going to be 1-drops that do nothing. The thing is… 7 is a reeeaallllyy high curve for zoo which usually maxes out their curve on 5 mana cards, unless it is something that is immediately impactful like pre-nerf Bonemare. Drawing this too early is awful. Not good in zoo.

Control warlock is a different story. Warlock’s most powerful cards ever from kobolds and catacombs are rotating out. Rafaam is a big taunt with good stats. As folks have said it gives you a chance majority of the time to play some huge minions that demand answers. And it’s only 1 card you can tech in as a last resort. Just one card in a slow control deck. You’re not sacrificing anything.

Time will tell–but don’t sleep on this. The memes will be good as well.


This card is a bit weak for its cost and for being the main character of this expansion

They should add that he discovers dr boom, hagatha, togwaggle or madame lazuli

It would match the hearthstone story more and he forms an Evil League


Raffam is trash if played to early. Most legendarys that replace your hand/deck have little to no use and the card will end up hurting most peoples deck chemistry regardless of what they choose to play.