New Rogue Rare Spell


Uhhh, that might be from a lack of copy-reshuffle cards currently in existence.

Dire Frenzy sees plenty of play.


Copy/Reshuffle cards seeing play:
-=Assuming you mean any mechanics copying or shuffling=-

  • Shadow Visions
  • Dire Frenzy
  • Feldori Strider

Cards good enough from my play testing but just lack a deck:

  • Seance


Yes, good list. I think it’s also important that gang up saw play when it was in rotation.

I have no doubt whatsoever that this will see play in nearly all rogue decks.

You can also copy any minion on board…so imagine saving this card in hand and it has 8 ticks on it or so and the enemy plays a Tirion…or heck…any legendary for that matter.


Lab Recruiter is already available, along with Elekk and Spirit of the Shark. It hasn’t broken the game and I don’t think this will either.


Need to see the whole picture or at least more or less 75% of the cards being introduced. There is no shorthage of value generating cards for Rogue the problem is surviving to cash up said value, hell even priests now a days tend to play agresively and win beacuse of it againts rogue in standard, the card is not bad ( better than a 3 mana 1/5 at least) but is not game changing nor anything spectacular, probably in wild with mill but not the direction I like for the class in general.


Redundancy can be very strong. Having another option for shuffle means not having to save them just for pogos. Also being a spell and 1 mana means it can be done much sooner on something like Zilliax, while lab recruiters and everything else can be saved for more pogos.

There’s an actual possibility for mech rogue. Not just pogo rogue.


“Each turn” is a bit confusing on the text of this card. Does it refer to each turn such as the swapping cards where it’s only on your turn or does it refer to Gruul’s “each turn” where it happens on both you and your opponent’s turns?


It’s on your turn only. I agree the wording could be better.

Think of it like the other cards that say “swap each turn” but they really only swap on yours.


This spells are only on your turn my dude, like swapping cards as you said it has been confirmed that is the way they work.


Still an interesting card but when I read it the first time I saw jade-colored visions.


As Schyla said though, the text should be changed (on all these scheme cards) to match it due to Gruul, and its really simple.

“Each friendly turn this is in your hand…”


I like that this can target enemy minions, so if you want to snag 10x Al’akir, or shudderwocks, etc. Go for it.

It is good/great in espionage decks.

Supports pogo hoppers

And it is a powerful anti-fatigue tool that works quite well with Myra’s.

Maybe we will see rogues use Myras->Nomi->Toggwaggle’s scheme, so every turn for the next X turns will be a full board of 6/6s?

Or every turn is pogo.

Overlaps with lab recruiter, but can be used to snag your opponent’s juiciest thing, which might make this viable despite the time delay.


Not sure about pogos, but pretty sure Rogue’s ability to suffle in deck so easily is gonna be a problem sooner or later. I’m so glad Oracle ain’t in standard anymore, mill rogue in wild just keeps getting tools, it’s gonna be a pain.


That won’t work. You’d get a board of 6/6s and then you would have to wait for X turns in order to repeat. (since deck wouldn’t be empty for the rest of the Nomi till you draw them all out).

The usable combo of manually emptying the deck, then Nomi, THEN myra to get the nomis out of the deck is ridiculously slow, like unplayable slow.


Shame !!! Get ready to puke in wild all day long.
And to imagine that coldlight oracle was HOFed cause it was considered annoying… LOL


Oops, yep… ruins Nomi condition…

Oh well…

In general this card works pretty well with Myra’s unstable element if you have it in hand a few turns before burning your deck. You can make sure that every draw after that is leeroy, or pogos, or something on your opponent’s board that you like better.


INFINITE TESS! ! ! ! ! !
unlimited power


A good class for lategame decks can pull off their strategies against highly aggressive decks. Saying that you can out-greed a greedy deck means nothing, that greedy deck isn’t trying to kill you before turn 7 or 8.

Rogue currently just isn’t a solid class for late game strategies as it doesn’t have the tools to both survive an aggressive deck and implement a long term plan. Their Hero Power, along with Basic and Classic cards push them towards an aggressive Tempo plan in an otherwise “neutral” meta.


This rogue spell seems to be a bit unfair…


No doubt this spell is very good for pogo…