New player experience is kinda miserable

I’m sure I’m not saying anything new, but it’s kinda wild how bad the new player experience is for actual new players. Like I seriously have to grind through 40 ranks of the same few meta decks just to be able to “unlock” a casual mode? I’ve been at this for almost a week now and I’m still only halfway to playing the part of the game I actually want to play.

What was the goal here? I don’t get what the devs were trying to accomplish with this, but what they came up with isn’t a gentle onramp or a great first impression. It seems like a weird decision.


Wow. Take a guess, do you think the new “mode” which you are going to unlock any different from your experience right now? The initiative was to keep new players who do not have a large collection and game experience in a sanctuary, kind of like a starting village of sorts. But I guess everyone and their grandma is playing meta decks right now. LOL.