New player, can't win anything


you can’t. Tavern was fun till they charged you for that


For a new player these days, you usually have to do some research, focus on learning core concepts such as tempo, value, mana efficiency. Trump Teachings video series is a good start.

That being said, there’s so much “mana cheating” and other stuff these days it may be difficult for a new player to apply that stuff with just those basic concepts so I would then look up what the current meta decks play, so you can know what your opponents are playing.
As a new player F2P I would not expect to be able to build a full expensive deck anytime soon, but a budget deck can be built by the 2nd month of playing. Midrange Hunter and Zoolock are two strong archetypes where the budget versions are very powerful and able to compete with the top decks.

Rank 5 is very possible without spending anything, you just have to be a bit stubborn and keep playing. But you’re not going to have fun if you aren’t winning games, and figuring that out is something not everyone has the patience to do.


You need to know more about the strategies your opponent could to have, then you need to recognize them and play around them, it takes time.

About to build a deck without experience don’t do that, instead, copy a good deck whom doesn’t make you spend too much dust to craft it, once, you have this deck, learn how to pilot it and know your deck`s strategy, as well.

You can`t to forget, sometimes, it is impossible to win a match too.

To pilot a deck well, you need to practice these skills :

1 - Do a first scam about your opponent and do the mulligan around that, you can to eliminate a lot of things when you know the opponent’s class;

2 - Know your deck and do the mulligan about your strategy;

3 - Know to make tempo plays, sometimes, the synergie is less important than put a minion in the battlefield (board) or use a spell in your max power;

4 - Know to measure well when you should hit the face or kill another minions in trades;

5 - Know to play around your opponent’s cards, once you recognize the opponent’s strategy, it is “easy” figure out which cards your opponent could to use to clean the board and etc ;

6 - Know use your health as a resource and know use your resources (spells and combos) wisely. This last is like that situation, when you use a spell to kill a minion, then, next turn your opponent plays a creepier minion and you miss the spell you casted last turn.

These skills take time to flourish, maybe, to acell them, to watch streamers is welcome. They comment about their own plays and you learn something.


I kinda am lost in the MEANING WHATS A WORTHY OPPONENT !!!
I do not spent money in this game, so call me not worthy.
Still i like to be seperated in competitions from those who have lots to spent (or not and still do invest). Yet i didnt give up ,boredom brings me online. When this shuffle always goes and this worthy opponent stops for us all, why is the program so easy crafted to not throw us beginner infront of the Lions. all the events i get rarely a random even gamer as i am. its anoying and raising anger.


I’m fully F2P, yet I have three competitively viable decks.

Mecha’Thun Priest, Buff Paladin, and one other deck I don’t remember. And a handful of fun decks, like Burgle Priest and Damage Warrior.

I haven’t spent a penny in this game, yet I would still be matched up against you, even under your idea of separating people who spent money and people who have not.

Arena is your very best friend, and there is no shortage of Arena teachers out there, especially on Youtube. Arena and Deck Tracker are your very best friend, not to mention they’re free.

"But Arena costs 150 gold! How will I profit this way?

Assuming you have at least three wins each run, you will get your 150 gold’s worth. If you get any more than that, you gain extra gold and dust, more than you paid for. At least seven wins average is required to go infinite.

(Mary Anne Lee) #17

I am personally pretty bad at the game and don’t have a big card collection. Ironic I know. I’ve found netdecking budget decks helped me a lot! And they also help me learn a lot about synergies in decks.


The Gods have blessed us with a message.

Netdeck is OK!


It’s all about what standards do you set for yourself.
Nobody can hide the fact that hearthstone isn’t kind to new players or to whom play rarely, ignoring this aspect is just silly.

However, I m know I can’t expect a 50% win rate, simply because I am aware most people will play more than me and gather more info.

I will play until I feel like it, not going to spend a penny and any rewards I get will be more valuable simply because I never had to pay for it and who knows, maybe that win came from a dude who spent a few bucks for those cards.

Who knows if matchmaking could also consider the number of rare and legends in each decks: that could make the casual mode way more kind for us newbies


Let’s clarify that a bit, huh? Rank 5 if your F2P means grinding your heart out for hours. Or if last season you were high enough that, say you were rank 7 and started the new season at 11 gave you a better chance at rank 5.

If you started the new season at rank 20 and you’re F2P with just basic cards, you aren’t going to make rank 5 any time soon. I know I was there last year.

I actually spent $400. last year to get what I have now. I read that it would cost a player $3,200 dollars just to get every card that was ever made for this game. Insane isn’t it?

Nobody in their right mind would do something like that though of course. I know lot’s of players got theirs’s with gold and dust, including me. Just bringing up the fact though that this isn’t exactly F2P.


play priest
use divine spirit, divine spirit, inner fire (or topsy turvy)
use on low attack/high health minion
cheapest thing to do
use 0 cost silence spells to get past taunts

also try to collect murlocs for other classes


As far as I was concerned as a beginner F2P, my first year of HS wasn’t about winning, it was about amassing a collection. If you’re not ready for some serious grind, this game is not for you. But if you play regularly and use your gold smart, you will have a couple of viable decks in about 6 months. I have been playing for 2 years now, never spent a cent, been to legend and can craft pretty much every deck I want to play. But the road was long :smiley:


Wow😱. That’s the thing of card games though: much is left to the actual card values in comparison with the player’s strategy.
I think in future, when cards will increase in number, Blizzard should think of separation more casual players from competitive with a more advanced matchmaker.

An easy win isn’t fun for anyone.


But why would you want that? There are so many cards in the game that never see play, why would you want to break the bank just to get those cards and then never use them?


I once did the math (based on my own, hopefully statistically relevant, collected data of rewards per wion-count). Not going to repeat the entire computation, but a short summary is:

  • If you would otherwise use your gold to buy packs from the last expansion, then Arena is a better gold investment if your average result is 2.87 wins (this is where the average reward is 50 gold, 1 new pack, and a very small chance of other stuff)
  • If you would otherwise use your gold to buy packs from the older expansions and have no interest in the latest expansion, then Arena is a better gold investment if your average result is 6.42 wins (this is where the average reward is 150 gold, 1 new pack that you can dust, and a chance of some other stuff)

The above does not take into account that you don’t get 10 gold per 3 wins for Arena, so you may need to adjust up slightly.
More important: the above does also not take into account that Hearthstone is a game that we are supposed to play for fun, and that some people consider Arena the pinnacle of fun while others would rather poke out their eyes with a rusty fork. The real choice of whether or not to play Arena should be based on whether or not you enjoy the time playing Arena.


Think about it. For every win, someone else has to lose. Therefore, the overall average is 3 wins. There are some pro players in Arena who alway do better than 3, therefore the avg for everyone else is less than 3.


In competetive games “worthy opponent” usually means “strong opponents which you can learn from”. Yes, according to this definition you are worthless.


Rank 5 requires playing a bunch of games regardless if you are F2P or P2P. While you are building up your collection, being around Rank 20-15 with a casual deck is a more realistic proposition. Of course, it does not feel good when you lose to many optimised decks at these ranks, which is why I said for a new player, getting to the 2nd or 3rd month and building that budget deck (say 1000-1600) dust will definitely help.

I’ve spent a couple 100 to get cards across the sets as well, but when I first started out in Aug 2017, I got to Rank 5 in my 2nd month with just the Welcome Bundle. On the old New Player Tavern in a recent thread there are multiple people reaching Rank 5 and higher in their second month (they may have spent money, but still, a new player’s resources are limited). It’s not easy by any means, but getting that golden epic every month adds up to extra dust that is very helpful.

Arena has more potential for your collection and is worth it if you want latest expansion packs, but as BigHugger was saying, if you want older expansion packs, you want a 6.42+ average, which is way too high to expect from an average player when for every win you get above 3, someone else is losing below 3 wins.

Perhaps Ranked is a similar thing where every win above 50% means someone else out there has less than 50%, but unlike Arena, you don’t need to have way over 50% win rate to make progress, and can play any time of the month, where there are different people and different pocket metas.


Wanna be a winner?

Uninstall the game and play something else, this game is trash


If your a new player did you start from rank 50 or did you ignore that and just go to rank 25 because if your completely new to this game start at rank 50 and slowly learn.


There are many of us that are willing to help you become better…at a price…

p.s. I personally like getting paid in funnel cakes.