New Hero Kurtrus Ashfallen Close the portal bugged

So after you upgrade his power close to the close the portal stage where you need to buy 5 minions after doing it the first time you can no longer power up your minions again.

You unlock the hero power “Close the portal”
You buy 5 minions in one turn and while buying each minion it countdowns till you hit 5
Then it buffs all minions +2/+2
However the hero power stops working after you do this once.
So then next turn when you try to once again buy 5 minions there is no count down when you buy minions.
And nothing happens when you buy 5 minions.
The hero power says this is repeatable but it doesn’t seem to be.


I just had the same experience. The text Implies repeatability but it does not appear to function as a repeatable ‘quest’

Just now faced with the same problem

I came to report this as well, if I hadn’t seen it already reported.

So glad I learned this the hard way and lost 100 rank points

Yeah, happened to me too, wasted 3 turns making sure I wasn’t going blind.

Yep, definitely happening and hella tiltiing

Indeed, this is the case currently

Same problem here, wasted 30 gold before I noticed it wasn’t working!

dont know how to up vote, but just experienced the same issue

hi, in the italian forum i report your same issue, one of the employee of Blizzard replied me, speaking that the kurtus hero power can be actived once per game

FInished first the first time i used this hero… BUT IT IS BUGGED!!! :slight_smile:

same here. buying 5 minions again did nothing, while skill description implies it should.

Btw … great hero :slight_smile:

Came here to report the same issue.

Came here to report the same.
Please fix this Blizz, right now the hero becomes useless after some turns.

Just happend to me as well, first time started doubting i didn’t count right. survived the turn and even bought six… no luck. seems bugged. It’s already really steep to do this…

The hero power is incredibly misleading

Blizzard has confirmed that the 3rd step of Kurtrus’ Hero Power is a one-time deal. They’re updating the text of the Hero Power to reflect this in the next patch.