New forums, need new avatars!


Nice. As per my last post, I’m more than pleased with how quickly they rolled out even if it was a relatively small number. Getting more is always good for variety ( :crossed_fingers:for Hobgoblin and/or Angry Chicken)


You can get rid of old avatars for more slots. I think people are all sick of them


No need to get rid of old ones, we just need at least 3x more options (imo) as we currently have. As long as more are coming, I’m happy :slight_smile:


Theoretically there’s no technical limit - most online message boards allow users to upload their own, meaning they have to store and serve thousands of avatars. Seems like the biggest roadblock to making hundreds of display picture options on this site (aside from the time spent on each) is that the current selection window evidently transmits them all at once to any user that opens it and has no way of searching for one by name. It’ll probably need to be upgraded at some point, if we keep getting more.


Ahhh the good Ol Art Pipeline!



I love it! Can`t wait for more!
This is sooo cool!


Definitely can’t wait for more too!
Here’s hoping for Mecha-Jaraxxus! :grinning:


Jeklik would be my favourite, hopefully she get there.


Is it safe to assume that these will include the marquee legendaries from Rise of Shadows?


Maiev Shadowsong pls


Hi! Why these new avatars was added only for this forum?! :sob: and what about the rest of HS family?(((

For example:


I would love to have Zilliax as my avatar!


I would love to see Krul the Unshackled.


Hello Theman ! I am glad you made this new avatars forum. I have quite a lot of idea’s.

I will only suggest 3 new avatars for now.

For the first : I would love to see a Tauren Avatar. They could be Druid, Shaman or Warrior. Since on World of Warcraft those were the classes I played as Tauren.

  • Torm Ragetotem or Turak Runetotem
    For the second : I also would like a Death Knight Avatar. Since I like Alliance and Horde both. I chose a couple of my favorite Death Knight NPC’s
  • Adelaide Kane
  • Nazgrim
  • Thassarian
    For the third : Another Human Female that is known like Jaina. Paladin or Warlock. Though different abilities.
  • If a Paladin instead of the Reinforce, 1/1 Silver Hand Recruit. Instead the ability would be to give a friendly minion a Divine Shield

If a Warlock instead of the Life Tap, Draw A Card And Take 2 Damage. Instead the ability would be to summon a 1/1 Imp. Though if 3 of the 1/1 Imps are summoned. The three of them will combine into one 3/6 Demon.

So there are my three suggestions. Have a Great Day playing Hearthstone or even World of Warcraft


How hard would it be to ask for 1-avatar for each legendary minion in the game? Not, epics, rares, or commons, just the legendaries?

I know at least for starters i’d go with Madam Goya.
I think it would be a cool way to express personality for everyone, which legendary they like best so to say.

For ex, if we spent 3200 on a gold legendary, it would be cool to know there’s an Avatar for it too.

The avatar you couldn’t pay me to select would be Vargoth, for obvious, BIG, purple and white (or blue/navy…if that’s ur style) reasons…


Lol man this thread is old. I totally forgot but Blizzard didn’t even give Lord Godfrey like c’mon guys.

I like having Mal’Ganis but would’ve been nice to have gotten Godfrey is all. Maybe they’ll casually update the list as time goes on.


Haha ! Theman , well I thought I knew there was World of Warcraft and Overwatch forums. Did not know there was a Hearthstone forum. I have playing off and on and finally decided to see. Though yeah.
I believe there should be a few more Female Human Avatars. I do not care what class long as it is not Mage or Priest. Even a Death Knight Human avatar with a different ability. Even a Gnoll , Tauren and Troll avatars even would be nice. Orcs are cool but we already have Garosh and Thrall.


Uncensor Jaina. Otherwise, I hope that continued bad fiscal quarters keep rolling until ActiBlizz goes into bankruptcy.


Propose for new Avatar
(is avatar change down? can’t change avatar atm)


Bump. Still waiting on my Angry Chook and/or Hobgob avatar :slight_smile: