New forums, need new avatars!


Everyone wants new avatars it isn’t that hard to add them. Wouldn’t be nice to have 1 a day?



I kept saying that if they didn’t give us new ones by the time we migrated, I’d wind up changing anyway.

Welcome to the new face of Wardrum.

(Ironically enough I went back to my iconic pic for now after saying this. I WILL be changing it if we get a new one that I want though)


HoundMaster Shaw
Huffer for the lols


I couldn’t care less what they add, but I just think they need to add SOMETHING new to the avatar section.

It should take less then a day of implementation, Blizzard just needs to get their bottoms in gear and do it.


Awww I miss medivh already!


Bow before the God of Death!


I would like more dragons to choose from please, also I noticed you lack any demons mal’ganis would be sweet.


I know it’s not a popular opinion, and that you’re being facetious, but I’d actually like an armory-type thing like WoW has where we could see the person’s highest rank achieved, win totals, etc. Would help reduce trolling and give people an idea of who they can trust when advice is given.


New avatars would be nice.

Greedy Sprite
Prince Liam
Dr. Boom

Just to name a few


The Legendary weapons, perhaps? Maybe some the Adventure bosses?


The golden version is very sexy


I need Baku and Genn. LUL


Whoa, new format will take getting used to. I’m going to just keep my old avatar until in used to it.


I definitely want Mecha-Jaraxxus! If I can’t have it in-game, Having it here would be darn cool too! (Still want 'im to return though, oh well shrugs)
Agreed too on Zul’Jin, Dr. Boom - Mad Genius & Maive! They’re dope.


leatherclad hogleader with nice cleavage


Genn and Baku *DictatorElmo gets Hof’d


Nemsy. Please and thank you.


Hi all, I posted this in another thread but we will be collaborating with the Hearthstone art team to get more avatar choices soon!

Post here - New forums, need new avatars!

New Forum Navigation stuff

Can we define “soon” (no dates, obviously, just this set/next set/the set after)? Regardless, exciting stuff and thanks for letting us know!


Weaponized Piñata
Iron Juggernaut
Foe Reaper
Houndmaster Shaw
Kel’thuzad himself

I’d auto change to one of these, if some were to be added