New forums, need new avatars!


New Avatars, really? This is great!


I don’t know who I am.



(omg it wouldnt let me post just the above joke because the "body didnt appear to be a complete sentence!)


We made something happen! Hopefully these new avatars are welcomed with open arms.


Graciously accepted, but next time… More Paladin stuffs, pwease?

sad puppy eyes


Lol. We can take a look at the settings.


Why you gotta be makin jokes about arms mon!


sees Hagatha

I can post happily =)


Hey thx a lot for this one!!!


Would have been nice to see a few more, but given how quickly they were put in certainly can’t complain. It would be nice to see more go in over time, maybe a handful every couple of months just for more options.


The new avatars are great but no Duskfallen Aviana. I’m a little confused how some of these got selected. They are so obscure I don’t even recognize them.


Thanks for new images!

Also, am I imagining things or you also replaced some older avatars with new crops from higher resolution images? Is Taz’dingo and Primalfin Totem indeed looking fresher, or is it just me cleaning my screen?


I want some wolf-icons as avatars :slight_smile:


You gave me my penguin.

Have internet hugs! They’re like normal hugs except full of spyware and viruses and you really need to make sure safe search is on first.

Have normal hugs!


Woohoo, They added Tess


I think Dks should become posible avatars asap, took them long enough already.
I’d love to have an Illidan avatar option as well.


Can you make a Trogg avatar?


We are getting a few more coming down the art pipeline.



It’s the little things, y’know?




Nice. As per my last post, I’m more than pleased with how quickly they rolled out even if it was a relatively small number. Getting more is always good for variety ( :crossed_fingers:for Hobgoblin and/or Angry Chicken)