New forums, need new avatars!


Would have been nice to see a few more, but given how quickly they were put in certainly can’t complain. It would be nice to see more go in over time, maybe a handful every couple of months just for more options.


The new avatars are great but no Duskfallen Aviana. I’m a little confused how some of these got selected. They are so obscure I don’t even recognize them.


Thanks for new images!

Also, am I imagining things or you also replaced some older avatars with new crops from higher resolution images? Is Taz’dingo and Primalfin Totem indeed looking fresher, or is it just me cleaning my screen?


I want some wolf-icons as avatars :slight_smile:


You gave me my penguin.

Have internet hugs! They’re like normal hugs except full of spyware and viruses and you really need to make sure safe search is on first.

Have normal hugs!


Woohoo, They added Tess


I think Dks should become posible avatars asap, took them long enough already.
I’d love to have an Illidan avatar option as well.


Can you make a Trogg avatar?


We are getting a few more coming down the art pipeline.



It’s the little things, y’know?




Nice. As per my last post, I’m more than pleased with how quickly they rolled out even if it was a relatively small number. Getting more is always good for variety ( :crossed_fingers:for Hobgoblin and/or Angry Chicken)


You can get rid of old avatars for more slots. I think people are all sick of them


No need to get rid of old ones, we just need at least 3x more options (imo) as we currently have. As long as more are coming, I’m happy :slight_smile:


Theoretically there’s no technical limit - most online message boards allow users to upload their own, meaning they have to store and serve thousands of avatars. Seems like the biggest roadblock to making hundreds of display picture options on this site (aside from the time spent on each) is that the current selection window evidently transmits them all at once to any user that opens it and has no way of searching for one by name. It’ll probably need to be upgraded at some point, if we keep getting more.


Ahhh the good Ol Art Pipeline!



I love it! Can`t wait for more!
This is sooo cool!


Definitely can’t wait for more too!
Here’s hoping for Mecha-Jaraxxus! :grinning:


Jeklik would be my favourite, hopefully she get there.


Is it safe to assume that these will include the marquee legendaries from Rise of Shadows?


Maiev Shadowsong pls