New forums, need new avatars!


Let’s see if we can get these guys to add some new avatars. Post below what you’d like to have added.

Lord Godfrey
Dark Peddler


I want the death knights to be options.


Agreed. Now that the new forums are up, adding more Avatars should be on the list of priorities (for the forum).


Snowflipper penguin and Millhouse Manastorm.


A legendary avatar you can only pick if you hit legendary. Just so we can all be elitist douches. :smiley:


Sunkeeper Tarim
Genn Greymane



PS: 20 character minimum really sucks


Zul’jin, Greymane, Dr. Boom, Mad Genius, Hagatha, Lunara, Maiev, Mecha-Jaraxxus, King Rastakhan…


Why would the new forums be any different from the old forums?


Hagatha is the one I am most interested in having… maybe Shudderwock as well/instead.


If we’re adding new avatars, Tyrande better be on the list. C’mon Blizzard, if you can’t add her to the game, at least add her to the forums.

(Although DKs would be cool too)


Witch Cauldron Avatar


I agree, we definitely need some more choices for avatars here! I’d like there to be a handful from every expansion and adventure.


I want Crystal Lion avatar.


I myself want an Ava avatar.


That would require non-dev resources, which they seem to be fresh out of.

Redacted, because they’re actually gathering requests for new avatars now to implement.


lol… i mean. i dunno.


Welp, guess I can swap for a bit.

Need moar goblin representation in the avatar department, don’t let those dang gnomes get the edge!


Hobgoblin is always the answer.


I want a Blink Fox!
Still my favorite card art of all time :heart_eyes: