New Forum Feedback


We have had these new forums for a few months now, and as such I am starting this thread for myself and others to provide feedback on them, as I have a few gripes with them. Most of my feed back will be negative feedback, but I will try to keep it constructive.

1. Trust level.

Something is amiss here. There is no rhyme or reason as to who can and cannot embed links, for example. I see literal 1 post wonders being able to embed a link in their very first post/thread, while many posters just as worthy as me (if not more so), with a 200+ post count, continue having to use the “preformatted text” workaround. There is simply no rhyme or reason as to how your trust level system works. I understand WHY you use it, but it is not (IMO) working as it should.

2. The Report Feature.

I understand why you would want to streamline it, I really do! But without the ability to include a reason for our report, and only choosing from a handful of generic options it is, IMO, inadequate. Especially with a limit on reports/day. We see people spamming their agenda in unrelated topics (none of the options even really reflect that BTW) and dont even have the ability to communicate to the mods WHY we are reporting said poster. Community “moderation”, which this new system uses (to an extent), can only go so far, and our inability to adequately communicate with the mods our reasoning for reporting in the first place… I cant see that working long term TBH, especially not with a cap on reports.

3. Down votes.

Again, I understand why this is no longer a feature, but it really was VERY useful the majority of the time on the old forums. People who farmed :-1: like crazy were doing so for a reason, in the vast majority of cases. Not too concerned if they make a return, like I said I understand why you removed them, but sometimes I really wish we still had that option.


It was nice to get a couple of increases to the avatar pool but, at the same time, having a handful of new avatars added every month or so would be great! Variety is the spice of life, after all.


The next ones are feedback for mobile devices.

4. That pop-out showing :hearts:'s, replies etc.

Get rid of it! This may just be a “me” thing, probably is (I hate using mobile!), but it is really obnoxious. I know where & how to access that info, tapping my avatar icon top right, I dont need it popping out at random times for no [expletive] reason!

5. Thread History.

First post, last viewed post & last post. I can tap the same portion of the thread title bar and, when that obnoxious #4 doesnt happen, its a dice roll as to what post the thread will open on. Sometimes its the first, others the last and (less frequently than I would expect/like) it lands on my last viewed post within the thread. Pretty annoying, especially when the [:arrow_down: Back] button decides it doesnt want to appear (which also happens quite often).

4 & 5 as I said, might just be me issues as I hate mobile for anything other than, you know, making calls! (I 'm a bit old-school in that regard) But I do experience them quite (too) often.

Anyway, thats enough from me (I’m sure I can think of more), so I now open it to the rest of the forum community for their feedback on these “new & improved” forums. Have at it guys 'n gals! (just try to keep it constructive).


Yeah, this one has me puzzled a bit as well. Might just be some bugs, but I know when I first jumped on the new forums I could imbed things regardless of my trust level, but it got fixed. I’m a 3 now so it doesn’t matter to me, but does seem either a bit inconsistent or possibly has a workaround that others are exploiting.

Agreed. I almost never flag anything, but being able to include a small note justifying my reason would be nice.

I’m kind of on the fence with this one. I’d like to say that it’s cut down on trolling/DV farming but I’m not sure I’d be correct. Perhaps it’s slurred some folks to sctually participate rather than just drop a DV and move on? IDK.


I’m confused on this one. All I get is a small number by my icon telling me how many notifications I have. I’ve never had any pop-up menus open themselves on me…

Yeah, this one seems a bit random. I do prefer the infinitely cascading pages to the old format though.

Your crust is showing, old man :wink:


Just gonna bump this, as IMO its still an issue. I still see REGULAR posters being denied TL3 'cos reasons.

The TL system is a pretty good concept, but it is NOT working as it should imo.


I just don’t like that I can’t right click and open a topic in new tab from the front page. That’s just bad designing.


Hmmm, works fine for me - ditch Chrome & use Firefox :wink:

Anyway, another piece of feedback is to give us a better way of posting our deck lists that makes them look obnoxious. For example, on our discord server we use sensei bot, which turns this:

Even Totems Get Angry

Class: Shaman

Format: Wild

2x (0) Totemic Surge

2x (0) Zap!

2x (2) Crackle

2x (2) EVIL Totem

2x (2) Likkim

2x (2) Murkspark Eel

2x (2) Primalfin Totem

1x (2) Sandstorm Elemental

2x (2) Totem Golem

2x (4) Fireguard Destroyer

2x (4) Hex

1x (4) Splitting Axe

1x (4) Thunderhead

1x (4) Vessina

1x (6) Genn Greymane

2x (6) Thing from Below

1x (8) Walking Fountain

2x (10) Sea Giant


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

into this:

Which one is the more appealing, less obnoxious looking deck list? (on discord the deck code would be displayed above the list itself.


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