New Feature Idea


Ok so for those that play world of warcraft know there is an option to restore items you previously deleted. Now hear me out Blizzard. I know it might sound crazy but how about making a feature in hearthstone to restore cards that you dusted. But they can only be restored in the same time frame as how it was done in world of warcraft with items. Just a thought.


I don’t know WoW so I have no idea what “same time frame” would be.

If that is only immediately after dusting the card, then what you request already exists. When you disenchant a card, the card is visually destroyed, the dust is added to your account, and you are shown an Undo button. Click that and the card is restored. Exit out of the screen and your dusting is final.

If the time frame is longer than, let’s say, an hour or so, then you are essentially giving all players the option to play all decks for free. Suppose I see a streamer use a great deck. I want to play that too but miss some cards and I am out of dust. With your idea, I could dust my entire collection, create the deck, play a game, then click the “restore” button to get everything back. And if I like the deck, I can then just do it again for my next game.
As a player it sounds attractive to be able to play any deck without having to spend more money. But for Blizzard, it would mean that their revenue from this game stops completely. Which means they’ll start losing money on it, so they will have to stop supporting it.

So for the long-term existence of Hearthstone, this idea would be bad.