New counter hand size cards plz

to counter these pure late decks like priest who have a insane amount of board clears and just wait till late game to do anything. draw power is very high with no real downside right now.

so a card that say is 8 cost deal 1 damage for every card in your opponents hand if they have more then 8 cards they discard 2 random cards possibly going as far if they have 10 steal also steal 1

or a cheaper counter 6 cost if your opponent has 7 or more cards take 1 random card

You need help beating Tier 3 decks?


Did I miss the memo saying tier 3 decks were incapable of winning?

Not that I agree with the OP, just saying…

What draw power?

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Generally, the best way to beat a Tier 3 deck is to grab a deck from a higher tier. Not to beg Blizzard for a card to counter an entire archetype of deck design that the game is mechanically designed to counter to begin with. :slight_smile:

Statistically speaking, Patron Warrior would have been tier 3, yet it was inarguably the best deck of its era.

Being t3 doesn’t make a deck bad/easy to counter by default.

please tell me about the draw power that priest has…I’m eagerly awaiting this.


The answer is clear,

Bring back Coldlight Seer!

Mill Rogue’s return is near!


Priest it’s weak. They can generate value. All classes can generate cards in wild. Especially mage in wild.

MTG has that card. I still recall. One of my favourites. It’s call the black vise.

MTG somehow makes the game feel as though your skill matters and they have very little card RNG except draws and card construction. Cards like black vise emphasises that. It doesn’t make opponent randomly discard cards.

So if you feel mana is a problem, either you play one colour or put more land cards in. You can also have up to 4 per cards and no restrictions on deck size and can mix colors, making it possible to have crazy combos.

Of course HS games are faster and more casual.

There’s a Firehawk from DoD that could be a 3 mana 10/3 when opponent has 9 cards