New card idea - THAW


The “freeze” mechanic exists, so what about “thaw” ? (Maybe a fire attack of some sort could “thaw” a frozen minion out but deal 1 damage to it?)


Silence removes freeze


Silence also removes everything ELSE affecting that card … deathrattles, stat bonuses, etc. Not always a good thing. I’m just talking getting rid of the freeze - especially when it’s on the player! What good’s a warrior with a 5-attack axe if he can’t use it because he’s frozen?!


It’d have to be a minor upside to a card that primarily does something more useful. Only a few cards from a couple classes Freeze minions, and fewer still actually see play. It’s usually not so significant that you’d want to tech specifically against it.


Or maybe a “Remove all effects from all Heroes”, so it has a wider reach. There are also Shroud and Immune.


when one is playing against a frost mage, one wants to counter Freeze if at all possible. ESPECIALLY when it’s directed at a hero.


Agreed, but very few battles are against a frost Mage, and 1-2 dead cards(let’s say 95% of the time) in your deck to give you an advantage the rest of the time, will simply make your deck worse.

It would be different if sideboarding were a thing in HS, but it isn’t.


It’s out there enough in the games that I play … Freeze stops the hero from using weapon-based attacks, which weakens my rogue, warrior and hunter decks.


Freeze Mage is not a relevant deck at all right now though…? Burn Mage/Giant Mage is pretty much it right now.


I think Jaina Proudmoore would disagree with that statement. (And I do play a deck that’s a fair split between frost and fire … just to mix things up a little bit.)


Do you have any meta stats to back this up, or is it just the theoretical word of a fictional person? Loco is correct, AFAIK.


I’ve never been one to go along with the ‘meta’ … hence why I still use frost mage (and keep Frost Lich Jaina close at hand.)


“Cool”. Enjoy Boston. It’s a lovely city.