New card idea: Battlefields


Battlefields are special cards - They are spells.
Only one Battlefield can be active at once and they affect both player!
If a second Battlefield is played the first one will get destroyed.

(The background where you play cards will change it look.)

Some Neutral Battlefields ->



Echo isles:

Some Class Battlefields ->


Dragon Mountain:

The Nexus:

Some Battlefield Minions ->

Shaman of the Earthen Ring:

The white shark:


Here is one more weapon for you ->


Now Blizzard can add each location, each forest, each town… Each dungeon and raid as Battlefield card with very cool effects.

Maybe a higher trust level can post this pictures so you dont have click on each link.


I came up with a similar idea about 3 days ago and posted it. Field cards are a way to both a type of Minion while doing a debuff to another in most games