New biis #4 tamsin

dude what a waste of time,
beating one boss with a hardcounter board clear hero power wasnt enough.
you immediately fight a second boss with buffed taunts
hanging on with 1 hp left, just a couple cards in hand/deck and minions on board that damage your own hero wasnt enough.

They all take like 3 free turns when they appear, which does feel extremely cheap, but even with like 6 cards left by the second stage they can’t really break your hold on the board state once the beef came down.

Very likely, the AI taking their turn during your turn but then also still getting their regular turn on top of that is a bug: it’s most likely supposed to properly end your turn and start their turn entirely and then have them take that 1 regular turn.

Yeah it seems a bit strange, i admit i was caught paranoid of brukan, and stalled too much to the point that i almost had it, with lethal on board, but died with 1 hp left to guff with a squirrel and fatigue camping brukan too long.

I think the 2nd time though i just rushed brukan. i think the strat i used that seemed to work is nearly always use the 2 mana power that summons 2x 3/2s when it makes sense.

Since even if brukan tends to clear them, the hero power is stronger than most of your other cards that can stick onto the other’s boards.

Try to spend as little time as brukan as possible, summons 3/2s. Trade with any 3/1s if you want while smashing his face, rush to end the brukan stage as quick as possible relying on the hero power whenever it makes sense.

He clears hard, but 3/1s will usually stick around and give threats. I think there’s also a card that buffs them too. Normally you don’t want to trade too much limited life for disposible minions, but it can be worth it here just to end the brukan stage quicker.

(I wouldn’t keep the health sapper around too long though, you can trade it off when you no longer need it since guff will hit face. )

After that, free turn and all, rokara can be set up to be killed in 1-2 turns and also guff after that too. Just flood the board, generate lots of value, use the cards you saved earlier to keep your board healthy and that should be fine.

Keep a heads up on the bolvar fight though, that one is another one of those sucky fights. You want to conserve aoe for threatening boards, but don’t stress clearing their 0 attack minions too much. The big chonkers are bad though.

You either win by having him clear and fatigue to death so you can play the demons, or getting anatheron to clear. Either works. But this one can take multiple for rng.

being as though the same exact thing happened to you, and obv no misplays,
its obvious the solos are really rigged for you to lose to enjoy the story BM.
but whatever, you complete them all to get 9 packs and a special golden pack.