Need help beating rogue

I play mostly dragon hunter in the D2-D1 range and i can not for the life of me beat rogues at all i struggle to keep minions on the board vs the massive ammounts of lackeys and removal coming at me

post decklist and replays


That was some nice display of almost god draw from the rogue.

When that happens and your draw isnt on equal level… you lose. Nothing to do there.

Yep, sometimes they draw exactly what they need to blanket delete everything you play. Nothing you could of done other than pick a different deck, or somehow force them to draw different cards.

It happens everytime i play a rogue it never fails every rogue i find has the hot hand.

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I would play differently for your consideration,
T1 sharpshooter. The coin in hand will provide more flexibility for P.Explorer(T2) or just Heropower*+reserve coin for T3.
Heropower provide added pressure reserving key cards for better usage if needed.
The following decisions are affected by my initial recc, thus i shall not explain further.
I would prefer to hold tracking till i need to fish for lethal or under pressure for solution.

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Welcome to the nut giver club. In November, for the full month, playing Wild Evolve Shaman, I faced 100% Reno on curve.

He coined faerie dragon on 1.

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its about 1 mana imba “discover” thing. :frowning: also u can not play any control deck against a rouge. you have no chance.