"Nagaling" (from "School Teacher") doesn't cast "Heat Wave"

Heat Wave isn’t functioning when used via Nagaling.

You would expect it to at the very least let you choose a target, or ultimately hit all enemies.

Here it is in play:

I have a screenshot ready showing it doing nothing. But can't share imgur link.

I’m curious if it’s because of the Quickdraw keyword.

Anyways, it was very tilting to have the whole match shifted because the choice I made didn’t actually do anything.

I don’t think it should be possible to choose a card that does nothing…

Probably just a niche oversight!


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I wanted to report this as well, you would expect the Quickdraw effect to be active.

Insert the link, select it and then press the </> button above.


Adding on this, this is the same interaction when casted from Void Scripture with excess mana.

The “Heat Wave” card itself did not enter your hand that turn.

In fact, there was no “Heat Wave” card at all.

So I assume that is why the Quickdraw effect was not active.

I am not certain of what is intended in this interaction.

I thought of your point myself but just thought I would share because it could actually be a bug.

If the Nagaling literally did nothing, then that implies that the Quickdraw effect was active, otherwise it would have asked you to choose a target for the heat wave. (Assuming your opponent had any minions on the board – did they?)