My shop in hearthstone has been closed for over two weeks

My shop in hearthstone has been closed for over two weeks. I’m on PC(Windows 11), hardwired through Ethernet and play on NA. I have a second desktop computer(Windows 11) that is also hardwired and that computer is also experiencing the same issue. My laptop(Windows 10) connected to WiFi however, is able to connect and view the store. Here is everything I’ve tried before making this post; I am at a complete loss as to where to go from here.

-Reset my router, modem, even factory resetting it.
-Tried netsh winsock reset, ipconfig refreshing, dns flush through command prompt. On top of other commands like sfc /scannow to potentially fix corrupted files and cleared my registry of other corrupted files.
-Updated/Repaired my .NET Framework and C++ packages.
-Used the Scan and Repair tool on the Battlenet launcher for Hearthstone 2-3 times.
-Downloaded various language packs for Hearthstone.
-Reinstalled the Battlenet launcher and Hearthstone three different times after completely wiping every file associated with Battlenet and Hearthstone including hidden folders in local/low/roaming.
-Changed my password, re-logged on the Battlenet Authenticator.
-Updated all drivers and network adapters.
-Unplugged my Ethernet and connected through WiFi on PC.
-Contacted my ISP and had them reset things on their end. Was even transferred to the specialty group who said my problem was out of their hands and told to contact the game developer themselves.
-Disabled firewall, reset firewall, created specific firewall exceptions for Battlenet/Hearthstone.
-Tried NordVPN and was able to connect to the store when I put myself in other parts of the US or Canada, but was unable to make a purchase.
-Various other small things I’ve seen posted for this issue on the support Forums/Reddit over the last few years.

Nothing works. I cannot connect to the store on EU either, but for some reason I am able to connect to the store in the Asia region. I am also able to connect to the store on my phone(iPhone 12), while connected to the same WiFi that my PC was connected to. Every other game mode works and I have played one of each in case maybe it would somehow unlock or refresh something and allow connection to the store. It did not work. I checked to see if maybe a certain Windows update coincided with the start of this issue and that wasn’t the case either. The last time I had a Windows update was October 2nd and this issue began around the 12th.

I have been playing Hearthstone on this computer with the same ISP/Internet package for the last 4 years on and off and had zero issues. I’ve been playing Hearthstone as a whole since 2014 and never experienced this issue before, to this extent.

While doing some reinstalling and digging, I found a file in my Hearthstone directory named Store and this was the error inside the file:

E 0916.2918024 [COMMMERCE(blz_commerce)] libcurl responded with error code:[56]
E 0916.2918024 [COMMMERCE(blz_commerce)] Failed to call API Gateway.
URL: us.api.blizzard com/ProductCatalogService/v1/GetProductsByStoreId
Request Body: {“paginationToken”:“”,“externalPlatformId”:0,“productIds”:[1567493,1567470,1543425,1543424,1543423,1543422,1537103,1537102,1537093
E 0916.2918024 [COMMMERCE(EventListenerObserverImpl)] [EventListenerObserverImpl] There was an error from the HTTP result of the product loading. (1: )

I had to edit the link in the error above to be able to post it. Removing the https part and spacing out others.

same issue

desktop not working
mobile and laptop do

Anyone find a solution? It’s not working for me on two different laptops…

Hey there!

Thanks so much for reporting this in such detail, it sounds like you’ve managed to isolate it to a network issue:

This typically indicates that your LAN or Internet service provider’s network is experiencing a connection problem with loading the HTTP service needed for the in-game Shop. Hopefully, sharing this data & info with your Internet service provider’s team allows them to pinpoint the issue. It’s possible they may wish to swap out your network equipment to further isolate it.

It’s recommended to request a transfer to a level 2 or 3 tech when contacting the ISP since the front-line reps handle most of the basic troubleshooting only.

I hope this helps, and let us know if you have any questions going forward!

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