My Opponent gave the victory over to me?


This is the main reason I encounter: my opponent’s playing an obvious quest deck (such as only 1 mana minions without an aggro theme), but I’m also playing a quest deck so they manage to get the upper hand anyway. That’s when I often see a concede.


You know what?
At least you are not complaining.


And you now feel the need to open a topic about it?! Seems like he/she succeeded in blowing your mind.


Definitely wintrading. Thats illegal in a lot of tournaments across a bunch of different games. He needs to be banned.


I never concede to them. They’re going to figure it out or get frustrated and quit. I don’t believe in going easy on new players - it makes them stronger.


From my experience, the person’s kids probably started puking, bleeding, over flooding the bath tub, making a mess in the kitchen, etc, etc, etc


I’ve done that exactly once because I made stupid mistakes and RNG saved me more than once. Too embarrassed to win and my opponent played well.


That penguin is just too cute.


This, probably a dozen people out there owe my toddler for a win :smile:

Altough I guess it probably looked like I rage quitted over a turn on cleric


I’ve done that a couple of times when I was at a rank floor and my opponent was playing a deck I didn’t hate, once guy even added me to thank me for letting him advance to rank 5 when I had lethal on board.

I don’t concede to new players because if I’m playing casual odds are I’m using a terrible meme deck that might actually lose to a turn 4 yeti.


Life is not limited to this game. He could have urgent phone call, visitors or just had to run to toilet.


That, my man, is called sportsmanship.


I do this in casual, which I never play


I’ve conceded when i was CLEARLY winning, even a turn from lethal, for a multitude of IRL reasons. In some of those situations im sure the benefeciary was confused AF. It happens, man. If i’m playing and I get an important call, or i need to move my truck, or WHATEVER, that is immediately more important than hearthstone so i concede out of courtesy. (The alternative is AFK-roping my opponent)


When i do my quests in wild ranked, I often concede even if I had secured the win.

I do this when I have a non-win quest, and my opponent has a limited collection.

This way, I give away a win that had no value to me, complete my quest, and giving a new player a chance. Win/win.

This might explained why your opponent did it too.


You play a Golden Millhouse Manastorm. You deserve to win in my books.


It’s win-trading, your opponent is trying to get your account banned permanently.

The best practice is instantly concede your next game to set the record straight.


How so ? Please explain because I fail to understand.


When I am playing casual and I am matched with a player who obviously has a much lower card quality I usually concede them the win after letting them play their cards. Just seems good mannered to me.


Why not add him to friends list and ask him why?