My Opponent gave the victory over to me?


My opponent gave the victory over to me and conceded. It was clear that he/she was going to win and gave the victory over to me?:thinking:
I’m not sure why, but whoever you are thanks! I don’t have much time to play everyday and that really saved me some time to finish my daily gold quest.


He probably realised you were a very bad player rocking the basic cards like river croc and had pity.


That happens to me here and there. So I usually concede too if I see the mighty MMR matched me against player whos best card in a deck is Yeti the Mighty.


I have conceded like 5 times at best (in ranked) throughout 5 years, when I “had” it. I don’t question why; sometimes it’s a respectful jest for how well they have piloted their deck with extraordinary card choices. At one time, I had someone play a penguin against me in a priest deck. I conceded right there and then. I couldn’t possibly have a chance against the mighty snowflipper penguin, right?

Jokes aside, recent ones I can think of were not to assert dominance or something, but because they were extremely unlucky either most part of the game or during the entirety of it.

Never conceded against a big priest out of neither shame nor pity nor do I congratulate them. That, I can say with pride and clear memory. No, better leave them alone; make them feel unwanted and hated.


i think some opponent gave me the win after a misplay more than once
a few days ago i noticed i missed lethal and the opponent was going to win
he conceded instead

maybe something like this happened to you he noticed you couldve won the last turn and gave you the win


Yeah, I’ve done this. At rank floors I almost always do if they’re at the rank below me (especially since I’m usually just fooling around with a new deck).

If its obvious they’re playing with a limited set sometimes I will too.

Occasionally I’ve conceded out of respect for an insane RNG event costing them the game, or if I just really like their homebrew and I’m running a netdeck.


that’s stupid…

if you miss lethal you deserve to lose. in no WAY should a player ever give away a win to someone missing lethal :rofl:


i know but some people do it


I’ll sometimes concede if I have a “Play x cards” quest that I complete during the game and my opponent tried to put up a fight but is looking to lose.


I mostly never concede to anyone just for no reason when i am ahead, but sometimes if I can see opponent playing basic cards and classic cards that suggest them having a bad deck I happily concede. Just feels wrong to win with my overpowered decks.


This is the main reason I encounter: my opponent’s playing an obvious quest deck (such as only 1 mana minions without an aggro theme), but I’m also playing a quest deck so they manage to get the upper hand anyway. That’s when I often see a concede.


You know what?
At least you are not complaining.


And you now feel the need to open a topic about it?! Seems like he/she succeeded in blowing your mind.


Definitely wintrading. Thats illegal in a lot of tournaments across a bunch of different games. He needs to be banned.


I never concede to them. They’re going to figure it out or get frustrated and quit. I don’t believe in going easy on new players - it makes them stronger.


From my experience, the person’s kids probably started puking, bleeding, over flooding the bath tub, making a mess in the kitchen, etc, etc, etc


I’ve done that exactly once because I made stupid mistakes and RNG saved me more than once. Too embarrassed to win and my opponent played well.


That penguin is just too cute.


This, probably a dozen people out there owe my toddler for a win :smile:

Altough I guess it probably looked like I rage quitted over a turn on cleric


I’ve done that a couple of times when I was at a rank floor and my opponent was playing a deck I didn’t hate, once guy even added me to thank me for letting him advance to rank 5 when I had lethal on board.

I don’t concede to new players because if I’m playing casual odds are I’m using a terrible meme deck that might actually lose to a turn 4 yeti.