My most satisfying win of all time - with my voltron deck


Recently in wild, I’ve been trying to find a way to jam 2 deck archtypes together successfully to make a nasty dual-deck so to speak.

Theman gave me the idea of creating a DK OTK Pally deck and I was determined to make it work with a shell that’s powerful instead of relying on late game.

Enter ODD DK Pally.
The first problem was identifying how to pull it off without Emperor.

I found a great combo I’ve never seen anyone else use before and ran with it. (fencing master - play it the turn before…or turn of if you have 2 coins)

Zipped from rank 15 to rank 7 super fast with Odd Pally leading the way and OTK finishing up pesky control decks.

This replay vs a big priest who highrolls the best highroll you can get just happened and I felt I just had to share! (along with my new deck of course)

I hope you guys enjoy!