[MOBILE] Hero Themes are Gone?


I am only capable of playing Hearthstone on my phone, and from time to time I love to select the different heroes in my collection and listen to their various themes, from Morgl all the way to Prince Arthas, I could listen to them for minutes at a time, but after a recent patch, they seemed to have disappeared. What happened?


Same issue here, I tried to dowload the in-game data, restart the game, well i didn’t try to solve it with all options because (if you have noticed) the music change to another bg music when you select a hero, perhaps the music files are mislocated and they need to fix that.


Oh my god. You are right. I just checked and the Hero Theme music when you select a Hero Portrait is no longer there (on my Iphone).

I guess I didn’t notice because it’s been so long since they released a new Hero Portrait I was interested in obtaining or could obtain via a free method.

What the hell? Where’d it go?


I’ve been playing on mobile as well, trying to knock out the remaining heroic modes of old adventures. Not only are all the bosses mute, but so are most of the minions.

But not all of them. It’ll be quiet for two minutes, both sides playing minions silently, and all of a sudden it’s turn 6 and I’m greeted by “WHAT YOU LOOKIN’ AT?”

Those ogres are not subtle.

Edit: as of today, 5/16, the Rise of Shadows adventure release date, adventure sounds are working again! Oh how that League of Explorers music is golden, and I can’t believe I never did Heroic Mine Cart.


They improved mobile app size with a patch a few months ago. Some sound files were removed, so that might be them. Check out this link:


yeah, that was the same patch that made many golden (and regular) cards look butt ugly, boy do I remember that patch… :roll_eyes:


Bummer. But I usually turn all the music down very low anyway, so it doesn’t really effect me much.


Really? I love the music! It helps get me in the mood for a game!


Great. I don’t even know what music you’re talking about. But anything that reduces the app size is fine with me. It’s getting ridiculously huge for a card game

Besides, who plays on the phone with the sound on?


I suppose I’m in a minority since I have a high end phone and storage space is not at all a problem for me.

Everyone that uses a phone? I’m not sure where this came from.