Missing old Hero Skins

I recently returned to Hearthstone after a multi-year hiatus and I only just now realised (when I went through my hero skin collection) that I used to have the original Medivh, Magni Bronzebeard and Khadgar hero skins, but I don’t anymore. I noticed that the skins I used to own have a greyed out button implying I can buy it for gold.

Hi! I also am a player, and i run into a similar issue: i had both copies of the “selective breeder” hunter card, for example, but is not the only pair of cards, and after the last patch they just disappered from my collection and i have to create them again with dust (not free). How can it be?

Your issue is unrelated
I invite you to consult the MANY other posts on that forum about missing cards since last expansion.
The summarized version is that the cards you are talking about were part of the core set
The core set rotates each year and cards move in and out of it

Have you checked your purchase history on your account settings ?
If you find the proof of purchase of hero skins you are missing I think you can contact the supportt with the purchase ID of each missing skin.

I’m now starting to doubt myself, went through my purchasing history and found nothing that would indicate that I bought the skins or somehow got it another way…I also don’t have any of the card backs that you would’ve gotten with the skin. Maybe I’m just schizophrenic.

Since you said you came back after several years, are you sure you are connecting on the same account than before ?

I’m having a similar issue, I remember having Morgl the Oracle, but now I can’t get him without paying. I was pretty sure i also had Medivh and Magni but I don’t see them in a purchase history but I was pretty sure there was an alternative way that you could unlock them.

I’m on the correct account, I see all my history of payments and I’m in the correct region as well.

Yea I’ve only ever used this battle.net account

Perhaps you are logged in the wrong server friend.
Open the Battle.net client and above the blue Play button there is a globe. Press that and maybe try EU if you are playing on NA or NA if you are playing on EU.

Perhaps the client automatically picks your server for you nowadays and it picked the wrong one for you. :thinking:

If they don’t see anything in their purchase history it shouldn’t be a matter of server since it shows everything

I assure you I’m in the same region and on the same account! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately then I think you are gonna have to create a ticket. :disappointed_relieved:
On this Page:

  1. Scroll up
  2. Hover your name in the top right → Support
  3. Top right → Contact Support and go from there

Hopefully you get your stuff back but first make sure you are on the right account. Perhaps you used another e-mail and that makes you think that this is your account while it isn’t. :face_with_peeking_eye:

I already made a ticket and they gave me a generic response and directed me here.