Millhouse - Failed to get update please check your internet


IPhone 7plus
iOS 11.4.1

Deleted , power cycled, installed probably 5 times now

Tried rotating the phone countless times for different lengths of time

Tried offloading app, power cycling, reinstalling app

Downloaded an client version from about a month ago, allowed the app to update, same thing

Not sure what else to do

How I fixed the issue both times I’ve had it

Close out of all apps
Turn on airplane mode
Turn on WiFi only
Turn off phone
Turn phone back on
Make sure airplane mode and WiFi is connected
Run app
Should update

Failed to get update. Please check your internet connection

Hey there,

Would it be possible to test the issue on a different network? Such as a local wifi cafe, friend’s house, or similar.


Hello everyone!

Since last update i cannot log into the game from my Samsung S8+ with hellofalot of free space and Limitless 4G internet connection.

After a few days of waiting, the problem still persisted, so i visited the forums for a solution. Countless people said, that they have the same issue and in a few cases, the problem was solved with the reinstallation of the game. So i deleted the game, downloaded the installer from Gplay store, and tried to run it.

And now it wont even install a single bit of the game because it Fails to get the update!!!

Every single app is updated including the phones android version to the latest builds

So… wtf?

Yours truly, Fenixyan


Same here,
I moved to my new phone (Xiaomi Mi 9T), and I’m unable to download the files for hearthstone.

After removed the files, reinstall the game and restart my phone multiple times, I keep getting the same error “FAILED TO GET UPDATE PLEASE CHECK YOUR INTERNET”.


Hello everyone,

I have downloaded Hearthstone before i deleted it by accident. However, I also receive the above error after “checking version”, so I cannot log in a single bit and download any files. Even though rotating my phone with different lengths, deleting and downloading the app countless times, I still have the warning sign. Blizzard I need help I really love the game, so pls give me suggestions or fix the bug. Thanks!

Yours Truly,


Came across this thread, having similar problems.
Both windows n mobile “having a problem transferring data, pls check internet connection” (both on same wifi network)
However network on other applications works completely fine so Im not sure where the problem lies

Hope for solution soon, thanks


same here, my phone updated while laptop won’t. both on the same network.


Can’t update 15.2 patch on both my PC and Samsung S10. Both saying ‘We’re having problem transferring data. Please check your internet connection.’

I never had problems updating the game before this, and my other apps/games do not have this problem. So what changed?


I’m getting the same problem, tried reinstalling. I get nothing happening on WiFi and 4g. After having the opening screen for a while, or If I turn WiFi off whilst on the opening screen I get the same message others are getting. Samsung S10.

Update: It works now, downloaded for no discernable reason on 4g.


I found something that works - changing the region lets me update the game. I set mine to Asia and boom, it updated. wtf blizz, what’s wrong with US server updates?

Edit - great, now my problem is, how do I change my region on mobile if I can’t even login?

Failed to get update. Please Check your internet connection

Same here, tried from 2 different devices. No update, but HS blame my internet connection has a problem (when I write this from the same local network just now).


This worked. Thanks dude!


Ah after one day
i just cleared the data from settings then i tried again
it worked like a charm


I encounter similar problem, and had gone through most of the recommended.
I have even delete the bnet app and tried re-install, but also encountered “connection” problems.

Today, I have just tried re-installed and all had went well.
Its seems that the problem should be on the US server’s (connection) side.

For players encountering same problem may want to note.

Can't Log into game

I tried to reinstall but does not work for me…


Manually change your DNS server to or
This shoulder work.


Again… every update take days to correct. I use again the very sam einternet, where the game claim the internet has issues to start the game.
Be honest, I am fed up that every update nowadays results a crash in the mobile game.


I’m back to square one . Failed to get update.



It’s been a long time since you originally posted this thread. Did you try anything else? What made it work again last time? Did you try a different network as mentioned here?