Mercs. Treasure of Morgl and Seline 4th Quest

Played on russian,mobile, iOS.
1st one is definetly a bug…

  1. Treasure for Morgl the Oracle “give your charcters +9 attack they attack random enemies”.
    With bomb in team it does not proced at all. (Only +attack)
    Without bomb Morgl was only non-hippie.

2.1. 4th Quest on Natalie Seline “Heal for 235 with Anathema.”
I understand that it could be a Hand-made mistake…but im pretty N.E.R.D., so get it :nerd_face:
Benedicton Heals😊

2.2 As proceed of 2.1 this quest completed after 1 usage of Anathema and 1 usage of Benediction. (Logicaly could be Hand-made bug :thinking:)