Mercs: genn/tess interaction bug + bonus bug

when genn uses the equipment that heals for even speed abilities (gilnean strength), princess power seems to heal tess even when she is stealing odd cost abilities … i was attempting to farm a rexxar for minion spawns (defeat x minions task) but was noticing tess got healed even though she was using 5 speed abilities from her third slot … i imagine that because it is a “choose” ability, that the “base speed” is zero and since that counts as even, it heals based on that even though the used ability is w/e speed … however, the same logic does not apply to yoink which starts as a 4 speed ability … perhaps because it’s speed is directly swapped for another ability’s speed, instead of going through the intermediate step

the bonus bug … actually there are two:

fighting rexxar (at least in the heroic water elemental bounty in the barrens) seems to have an a.i. bug … or perhaps this is an intended feature due to some interaction problem with tess … but rexxar only seems to summon a beast on turn 1, and then never again afterward … and tess never seems to be able to grab the ability to summon a beast either

[edit: seems like i may have debunked my own bug? … i got rexxar into a fight with tess again, and was able to isolate him and play long enough for him to summon a beast again, and use the healing ability on that turn to grab the ability … it was, however after i had transformed my 3rd ability into “what i’m capable of” … and in the prior encounter i was stuck with 4 unique abilities left and only rexxar, and only able to grab explosive shot or kill command … my assumption is that the game doesn’t want you to be able to double menu, so it turns off the beast ability until tess is no longer able to grab it on her third ability … so seems more like a feature than a bug at this point]

the other bug is that the damage from the bomb seems to pierce the water elemental’s “can only be damaged by attacks this turn” … so apparently the giant explosion counts as attack damage and not spell damage

small plug: can we bring back some of the fun “broken” treasures to non-boss rush pve? i understand limiting the pool for boss rush mode, but why remove some of the really fun treasures like ancient reflections from pve? :…sigh…: