Mercs daily task - efficiency help?

I feel like I must be doing something wrong with the mercenaries daily quests. Seems like I’ve always got at least one on a low-to-middling level character, and I just repeat the 3 or so bounties around Kodobane or the Mad Bomber, plus or minus one, over and over every day. I’m often dragging one or two level 30 characters along for their quests, but since the level 10-15 character who needs to plink along with task 1/2 can’t survive much, I’m always playing lowest common denominator so they don’t get killed.

Am I missing better strategies? Or is it really just effectively that grindy?

You can bury low level characters as 4-6 slots. As they get experience for just loitering with the three amios.

Use Cookie, All the quests can be completed quite easy. The thing with Cookie s/he create a minion for an opponent. Thus with enough turns you can complete most basic quest.


after getting a quest that couldn’t be completed because of level a couple times I made leveling a priority. with a team like cariel, xyrella and blademaster you can knock out pretty much any of the original reg lvl 30 bounties so I’d just put the levelers in the other 3 and they level very quickly. generally I’d target bounties with merc coins for missing mercs. heroic bounties obviously give even more exp and generally aren’t difficult until you get to the boss, elite or group of mercs and give decent coins even when abandoned so you could use them for leveling as well.

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Cookie’s a great suggestion, thanks.