Mercenary war discipline skill is not unlocked

I am a Chinese player. I was playing American servers recently because Blizzard China’s agent ended. However, there is a bug in the mercenary mode of Hearthstone, which I play. My four mercenary skills cannot be unlocked, such as the Goff Rune Totem, the Train King Linoai, Reno Jackson and Sal. This is a bug in the legend of furnace stone. I hope it can be solved.

Ugh… Sorry, but it’s hard to understand what exactly is wrong. What skills exactly cannot be unlocked? What level are your mercenaries, have you got enough coins? If you could provide some pictures or such, it would probably be informative.

I was having some issues understanding the Merc processes. Some of the achievement unlocks are done through the main menu achievements, while the rest are unlocked through the Merc task board. Did you complete the task, but can’t unlock them?

Some are held back by level, while others have to be done in order. For instance, I reached level 30, but I think I was locked out because I didn’t complete the other tasks first. Once I had completed those, the ability unlocked.

It’s very confusing to the new player. Hope this helps.

Not sure why they separated them, or why they didn’t have an auto link to it. Is that possibly the issue?

I don’t know how to insert the picture. What I want to express is that my mercenary has reached level 30. The achievement shows that I have received this skill, but in fact, my mercenary’s skill has not been unlocked. It shows that I need to get it from the achievement.

I see. You need to go to the main menu of the game, then to Journal (that thing with a pen… or a coloured ‘seal’ right now), Achievements and claim it there — then the item should be available in Mercenaries.

PS Only one item out of three for each mercenary is unlocked this way. The rest are obtained from completing mercenary tasks or beating heroic bosses.

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Sorry, I mean that the achievement display has been received, that is, the underlying data thinks that I have unlocked the skill, but in fact, my skill cannot be used.