Mercenary Issue: Getting quests you cant do yet?

Sometimes I get quests to kill 2 elite bosses wich I even havent unlocked, since i wont use money or gold on it.
I also just got a quest to complete a level 30 bounty on a level 20 character, would be nice if we actual got usefull quests instead. I just abandon them because they take spot for any usefull quests.

Mercanarys are fun there is just some wierd things like the quests wich dosnt make sense. It need to polish to be a complete experiense. Its hard to get quests to begin with since its almost always is only bombs you get in the mystery thing, and when you finally get one you can do it. Think there need to be looked at this tbh.

Yeah the lvl 30 quest can be really annoying specially if the specific merc requested is low lvl. The heroic quest is a must do is the only way to advance beyond certain point so it is upto you to spend the gold(which isn’t much and this is true of many games of this type, is a really small price to pay for ftp). Having 4 quest slots open also is important. I usually do pass as well the lvl 30 quest but do include the merc along the others before deleting the quest. There’s 2 other specific quests that are more like errors(but who knows), I found out that with the murloc that create beasts you can make quest progress faster in the right setup lvl depending on the quest req.

Daily quests are randomly generated from the pool of Mercs who still need tasks and gives you their next task. If you flat out won’t spent the little gold required to get the Heroic Bounties there’s honestly no point in playing the mode at all. It’s a one time cost and most content is locked behind it.

Alright, seems to me you don’t understand how this game works. No shame, it’s not very intuitive and there are things they won’t tell you. So, let’s begin.

  1. There are 18 Tasks, or as you call them “quests”, for each character. These quests are offered in a linear order, and generally get both more difficult and more rewarding as you progress along the task chain. They are also in a specific pattern, with some quests being the exact same for every character (with slight exceptions). For example, Task 5 of every character is the same: Complete a bounty at level 30. It’s simply impossible to get any other quest until you finish this one. Once you finish the first four, you must do this to keep getting more Tasks.

  2. Following the above logic, the Task 7 for every character is to kill 2 Heroic Bosses. The early ones are pretty easy to kill, and can just be farmed to complete the task. However, you MUST pay for unlocking them. It’s a low cost and a one-time investment. While I also recommend purchasing the 2 campfire upgrades and PvP, they are not mandatory to play the game. This is. Task 7 is where you unlock the third and final piece of equipment for a character, which is often the best one. If you are unwilling to pay this, you should just quit the game now. There is no way around it. You cannot unlock the most important equipment, you cannot get any more tasks, you cannot max out characters, you’re basically stuck. You just have to pay it. It’s just 2 packs worth, get it over with.

  3. Tasks are essential to progression, so obtaining them should be your highest priority. They are found on mystery nodes in bounties. However, there’s a catch. The probability of finding a task from a mystery node it’s tied to the level of your highest character and the level of the bounty. If your highest character’s level and the level of the bounty are equal, the probability of obtaining a task is 50%. If your characters level is higher than the level of the bounty, that chance will linearly decrease. In other words, the level of your highest character must equal the level of the bounty, or very close for maximum efficiency. The current best method for farming tasks is by using level 30 characters to complete the sixth bounty in the Felwood area, which is level 28 on normal and level 29 on heroic. With a good team, the fights can be completed in one round, and there are only 2–3 fights before the mystery node.