Mercenaries tasks - show in-game

Is there a way for my mercenaries tasks to show in game?

I would love this feature. Keeping track of which mercs need to do what now has been a chore. Deck tracker used to have the tasks listed in the overlay during games, but now that all mercs have tasks available it’s usually impossible to see which ones apply to your current party during the game.


Ahem… The campfire has two tabs: one with story and lime-limeted tasks, visitors and trade offers, another — with all the personal task chains for mercenaries, keeping track of the progress.

For an illustration, I’ll also provide a link to Old Guardian’s recent video: .

Yeah, I’m talking like in the middle of a bounty or especially an encounter, so I don’t have to keep clicking out to go back to the campfire and/or write things down. Also, I’m sick of seeing that guy’s face every time I try to look up something related to mercenaries. Nothing against him personally or anything, but I hate watching videos most of the time

In the middle on a fight (several times I’ve lost count, I confess), some decktracker, which I don’t use, would be an option, yes, otherwise I don’t see much of a problem here.

Nothing personal on my part either (not at this point, at least), but if there’s some third-party material which I find of decent quality and relevant to the question, I see no reason why not link it. Besides, it does answer the original question, as does my previous post — strictly speaking, you should’ve asked better if the answer’s not to your liking. :grinning:

I’m old-fashioned myself, prefer reading and detest this moronic trend for Tiktokers for those who don’t like to read much of publishing a video about every single thing… But in this case, it actually is a fitting way of illustrating an in-game feature, maybe even bettr than a picture.

I think it has more to do with how i used to do bounties and the fact that I’m still adjusting to the new system. I used to just put whatever 4 mercenaries had current tasks into my party and keep track of what they needed with deck tracker. Now im kinda overwhelmed with the number of open tasks, and the deck tracker is too because the mercs im trying to track dont necessarily appear in the overlay. Mercs is also something i tend to do while im doing other things because the ai doesnt care how long i take, so i was pretty reliant on the deck tracker to remind me what task i was working on mid-battle

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Deck tracker did do this well previously and it may so again eventually. Until then I would suggest looking at the Firestone app. Once you enter with your group Firestone can track the progress in game.


Exactly this, let’s hope DT has a solution for this sooner then later

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thanks for that suggestion. Firestone has changed my life…