Meet Bankyugi: 2020 World Championship

Meet Bankyugi: 2020 World Championship

Meet the 2020 World Championship Contenders: Bankyugi – The Rising Thai

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yeah, keep pushing this event no one wants, with a huge prize pool, yet doesnt give anything towards making the game better, or even any form of charity.

I want the game to be cheaper, I am under the impression that the vast majority of hearthstone players believe this game is way too expensive. I know major streamers and content creators believe this game is way too expensive, and they play for a living.

How do i ever convince a friend to play this game? “oh hey, btw you cant play half the modes until you have played for hours, you need to invest about $600 if you want any chance of beating me in a game, and the new reward system feels bad. oh also if you want to stay current you need to spend money every few months, no more than that, like $120 in preorders and maybe a lot more if you want all the cards. WHAAAAATTTT?? thats doesnt sound fun to you? bro… its awesome really.”

this turned into a rant, i digress. Blizzard is shamelessly corrupted. and i bet Bankyugi had to buy that hearthstone hoodie.


Hi blizzard!

Hope You enjoy this battle of the New system… Just go to Reddit! The mens quit this game because You cant fix this bad system. Thats not a battle anymore. ITS A WAR… And why not using this 200000 dollars for fixing the system??? Just more rewards. More packs more GOLD. I sayed go to Reddit and You will see the probléma OK?

Bye #Greedstone


no "choose your champion "? or twitch drops ?

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who cares about this? Listen to your community first.


Hearthstone World Champioship…

Since when this game is supposed to be a competitive tournament?
Every match has no much skill involved… It is like a gambling match to see who get the better RNG to win.

And also the prize of the winner is absurd.

You can just lower the prize and make the game cheaper instead.

I don’t care about the the “World” event things. It does not make the game better in any way.


Maybe fix your bug ridden excuse of a game first.


no one give a shtno one give a sht


Yeap blizz, understood you are the owner and creator of this game and your shareholders just love to make money, cause why not if you can? but there is always a chance you are gonna sink this HS ship not listening and just lying blantly to your community, carma always returns just always. Take care and do not be pathetic cause i like this card game.