Mecha'thun fun and very interactive

Realistically OTK Mecha’thun is going away at rotation. Only Warrior will exist that we know of and that will essentially be a fatigue deck so you’ll get to play the majority of your deck as well.


Did everyone forget about geist? Most people just autoconcede when i play him

That only stops the druid version.

You are helping the priest and lock thin their deck with geist without stopping the actual ability to otk you with mechathun.

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A person winning the game using cards made by game designers isnt cheating.

It’s not different than any other win con in that respect. Aggro is “cheating” if no early removal exists. Control is “cheating” if no way to reload or establish threats exists.

And combo is “cheating” if no way to interact with the combo exists.

Interacting with your opponents win con is core gameplay. Your salt here is silly when you think about it.

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Agreed to the reply above. Honestly, any card like, Mojomaster or Mana Wraith is a good disruption to the Mecha’thun, something that makes it even harder for your opponent to finish you off, when it’s obvious what they’re doing.

I would add that we could use some more variety in how we can interact with it. Mojo is sweet. But it’s also a legend. I wanna play with the decks other knobs too.

Completely agree, honestly. We only have a total of three classic and standard cards that could work against a druid or warlock mecha’thun, those being Mana Wraith, Nerubian Unraveller, and Mojomaster. Warlock does have Demonic Project, for more disruption, and with Wild, you’ve got things like Dirty Rat, to take it out.

It is not that easy to reach the MechaC’thun combo.
I play a lot of MechaC’thun warlock, and it is very tough to make cards for heal and sustain until late game.
But, in this meta MechaC’thun Warlock is good, against all the Wall Priests and the Hunters with Infinite Value.

You can complain a lot about the design of the card, but in fact - MechaC’thun decks are a good punish to all this greedy decks out there.

Also stops warrior because of whirlind

*4, Hakkar will counter both of the netdeck versions of these as neither runs Geist (Druid really can’t) or Hemet.

Mojomaster Zihi is very powerful against combo decks, especially Mecha’thun ones. Good luck, and enjoy!

Unless you don’t want “interaction,” but rather a free win against an archetype to which your control deck should be vulnerable?


It is a card that reminds me time and time again how much the “designers” of this game test what they create, which is not at all. These are solitaire decks that don’t require the minimum number of brain cells the play.


quite expensive for a tech card :stuck_out_tongue:

“qq t3 decks are op”

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Yeah just lost to a pattern to perfection Mechathun Priest deck. He was there to having his deck drawn by turn 8 if he wanted to.

My bad though and I think I could have screwed this up. I went for the Malygos I win next turn thing but what I should have done was play my 3 cost minion and psychic scream? Then I don’t think he could have played the 4 things he needed to for the win on his/her turn. But that would have only delayed the turn.

So it was basically a game of solitaire. That mighty pattern to perfection deal it out in a sequence game design. Northshire Cleric, Loothoader, Deadringer, Acolyte of pain Pyromancer, life steal - thanks I now have game cause I have nearly every answer possible (2 discover spell to have 4 psychic screams if I want), and Hemet (100% to have by turn 6) to get to I win on turn 11.

Yeah but you’re talking the rock paper scissors scenario. So great card vs Combo decks but what if you not playing against a combo deck? Hence the 60% game design of matchups and 1 2 3 shoot this is Hearthstone.

It’s a card game. Stealing the opponents cards is cheating.
Even a kid knows that. Playing on an inverse win condition is cheating too.
Carry on. It will be rotated out eventually.

So you’re saying that players using cards in the way the developers of the game intended the cards to be used are cheaters? Are the developers “cheaters” too for allowing such a card to exist? How far up does the cheating go?


We get that you don’t like the card but come on, you’re being silly.

The developers have a different culture. They are Americans.
Cheating in card games is normal for them. That does not mean that we should accept it.

Oh stop - Meca’tard is stupid and should be deleted permanently fromthe card database.