"Mech" decks huh


What kind of mech tavern brawl has decks without mechs in it? Played the mage a few times. Not a single mech.


Rogue has Sn1p-Sn4p.
Priest has extra arms.

That’s all the mech J’ve seen.


I agree in general, but as for Rogue, Pogo is actually a mech.


I love mechs, always have, always will! To call this “Rise of the Mechs” or whatever, just shameful to mechs everywhere. I saw one sitting at a bar today after work and he was just pounding away the tequila shots… I was like, uh long day? He was like, yeah, they created a whole new game for this week dedicated to our rise. They did that, but yet, they did not contact any of us mechs except for Zilliax and over-mana-priced echo mechs. We just can’t win. True story.

Oh, yes if you are wondering if tequila actually works on a mech? I asked myself that same thing and he said nooooo, not “tequila” it’s “tech-eela.” Apparently this “eela” stuf is what gets mechs crunk. Who knew?!?!


I mean, both Paladin and Rogue have mechs besides what you’re listing, those are the only two classes I’ve seen so far though

And if you’re calling Sn1p-Sn4p overpriced I don’t know what to tell you, that card is strong at 3. If we put it to 2 it would possibly be the single strongest card in Hearthstone


I think it is strong but, i mean… so many other cards.