Maybe arena needs its own ranked system

I’m just a ladder “rank 15” scrub on a good day…
and I swear half my matches open vs 1k portraits and Legend card backs…
It’s not competitive … at all
I might as well be playing Magnus Carlson at Chess…
either way the game is lost by turn 4

This is an arena. Have you ever seen ranks in steel cage fights?

Every fighting sport has a ranking system.

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Yeah, would be nice. Would make me play more, quite frankly.

I think arena already has his own ranking system (i don’t remember the patch).
People with 1k wins may have not played arena ever, that’s why you encounter them.

there should be 2 buckets of players in Arena…

those who’ve hit the equivalent of “Rank 5”
and those who… haven’t

the game is 6yo (=72seasons), even a monkey can get 1k win on a hero or the legend cardback ><

20 /// characters

14 wins a month is too hard for you?

okay, the portrait is irrelevant. but the skill disparity remains the same

i realize in forums everyone claims to be a top 100 legend player and a 9 win average arena player

99.99999% of you are full of poop

that’s why the last legend standings showed only 2 players here can regularly reach that rank