Matchmaking based on which rank/level?

Curious to know how the matchmaking is ranked. I’ve played through a few solo adventures and just started in hearthstone.

Now, I had an account about five years ago, but can’t get the password retrieve, blizzard fails to send he password code to the email I still use. No worries, I started anew. But I do not recall it being this bad years ago.

As an apprentice “chicken” level, still in the tutorial stages at the lowest rank, I’m getting stomped out by well composed, synchronous decks and people laying out legendaries. The RNG in some cases also doesn’t help.

Most opponents have a card that offers 10 more health, putting them at 40 vs my 30… A 30% handicap. And that was my FIRST game…

Then the legendaries roll out or he high powered 3-4 cost. My best taunt is a horrible senjin and these folks are rolling out 2-4s that give +1/+1 when damaged.

To the fault of some draws and good RNG, by the third turn a warrior had fielded a 4/6 and a 3/5. There is nothing 2-3 mana that can deal with that. Who blows a fireball spell on the fourth turn?

so hearthstone’s beginner ranked system is very flawed and especially so for the first few games, in beginner ranks you are not locked in to playing against people in your specific rank so the game tries to gauge your skill with the first few games by throwing people from a couple different ranks and seeing how you do against them to see who to pit you against for the future, the easy solution is to lose a bunch more games, and this will make it see you are less experienced at the game and match you with easier opponents, also in terms of building free to play decks it can be a bit difficult but there are some great guides out there, my personal favorite being by a youtuber named trumpsc, they do a full run from starting an account to getting to legend without spending a dollar, and its pretty entertaining as well

he also has a series on the basics of hearthstone, but you seem a bit higher skilled than that series, also on the point of renothal (the start the game with 40 health card) the tradeoff for this card is that you have to have 10 more cards in your deck, this may seem like an up side, but actually it means you draw your good cards less often because you have a lower chance of drawing them, also yes rng is going to be a semi large component of hearthstone, but thats also what makes it more interesting, you have to adapt to your circumstances and play to your outs, glhf and feel free to add me if you want any tips my battletag is lunass#1500