Mass Hysteria and Freeze effects


While unintuitive, Mass Hysteria causing minions to attack is consistent with both itself and how Freeze works. Freeze means the minion loses it’s next attack (which is why a Windfury minion frozen on it’s first attack is not frozen on its next turn). But Mass Hysteria forces attacks regardless of whether the minion has any attacks left, which is why you can make a minion attack, cast Mass Hysteria, and the minion will still attack (even though it technically used its attack for the turn already).


Mass Hysteria…
Berserker Rage…

Picture it: Our heroes on the shoreline and from the depths of the ocean, an army of berserked undead…a spell is cast to confuse our heroes…but one amulet saves one hero from the curse…and he makes a beeline for his nemesis. He can feel the rage boil underneath his skin as the villains evil deeds flash in his mind. With every step, his anger grows and before you know it, our hero and villain are face to face.

See what I mean? They just come from the most mundane of events.

Don’t…don’t encourage him…:joy::joy::joy::joy:


I don’t really have an issue with Mass Hysteria technically giving an extra attack for the turn, because its the spell forcing an attack versus the player intentionally attacking. I still don’t think Mass Hysteria should allow a player to get around freeze effects where the effect specifically states that they can’t attack and common sense dictates they physically wouldn’t be able to attack. Unless I’m supposed to imagine that Mass Hysteria allows them to partially break the freeze above the waist and swing hysterically at only other minion targets that are close to them. That’s the only way I could imagine it making sense while they are still frozen.


This game is full of mechanics that are not specified and people just have to play them to see what happens.


You like it and you know it.


Any beings that survive the onslaught, still being really cold, return to their frozen state once they have exhausted their strength.


Freeze is not “can’t attack.”


Mass Hysteria card text:
Force each minion to attack another random minion


See guys? Smeet gets it.

(Liv Breeden) #15

We went back and forth on this during design. Should minions with “Can’t Attack” be allowed to attack? 0 Attack minions? Frozen minions? You could make arguments for each of these. Ultimately, it came down to Supercollider - we use the same wording for both and we wanted these two weird cards to act similarly. For Supercollider, the story is that you’re smacking two minions together, so Frozen, Can’t attack, and 0 Attack minions should all get smacked into an adjacent minion. So we made Mass Hysteria the same. As a bonus, it seemed simpler and there were less edge-case if we said it worked on all minions.


No offense to your process, but you could still do substantial damage slamming a corpse into another minion. Doing so is, in fact, extremely metal and thus on brand for warrior. And yet, if the thing dies from the super collider hit, it doesn’t do its damage.

I demand you change the game to allow me to weaponize corpses.


Usefull Soldier: 6 mana 4/4. Deathrattle: equip Usefull Corpse.

Usefull Corpse: 3/2 weapon.


Ohh so while desinging the game you guys actually think ? I am in tear right now. You people are actually think and desing the cards after it instead of throw ever idea you have and ruin fun ? Hmm good to see that


THANKS FOR RESPONDING!!! I’m not used to Hearthstone devs responding on the forums. It’s appreciated!


Really appreciate the dev response. Either decision was probably going to result in some amount of confusion, and Mass Hysteria is another prime candidate for some type of “hover text” that explains the finer details of the card wording (or anything else that isn’t intuitive from the card).

Other examples have been Wild Growth, Sense Demons (who’d think to expect imps?), Call of the Wild (it really should be stated that the minions are summoned in alphabetical order, or just give the order to account for other languages), Explosive Runes (just a bit of text explaining that “excess” means “in excess of the minion’s health”), and I’m sure there are several others I can’t recall right now.

It could go right along with the hover text already there to explain keywords on any of the cards.


Mass Hysteria affects the table itself, causing it to reshape so the frozen minion is at the top of a slope, making it slide down into another minion.


Reality itself is not immune to Priest-initiated tilt


Can you comment on this issue where your “can’t attack” minions don’t fight when summoned by ‘Duel!’ ?


Dev says anything
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Remember when blizz sacked some 800 employees? Yeah that’s why devs are doing the CM’s work.