Make Timers Matter Again

I think one of the biggest annoyances in this game is when players can perform one turn kills by playing a near infinite amount of cards (like spell generation priest/mage). I think timers should once again matter; no more extending the timer by playing more cards. Timers go as normal, and if you’re not finished with your one turn combo, your turn ends. No more infinite extension: the timer counts down as normal when your turn starts and has no way to continue for your 30 in one turn combo.


No, make them shorter.


Oddly, this is the very issue I came to discuss. And I spend no time in these forums.

The time gate has become interminable when dealing with players who load the end of a turn with three or more cards.

I don’t spend much time in here looking for an endless peen over gameplay, but this aspect is getting old fast.

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Yeah, the old timer system went out with spell generation and mana-lowering cost. I feel timers should have a set limit with no extensions. If you waste time trying to plan out your move, then its your own fault if your turn ends before you finish. If the timer runs out as you’re spamming your infinite generated 0-cost spells, then your turn ends, even if you’re one 1 HP hit away from victory.


Should be shorter so I can play more.


That’s exactly how it works. The problem is that card animations take longer to show than the time it takes to play out cards, so it looks like the opponent is playing cards after their turn ended. But in reality, all actions were done within the turn limit.

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Which can be exploited to give your opponent less time, I saw a rogue use an interesting secret passage combo yesterday that almost cost me a turn.

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No, introduce effective disruption is how you handle combo. The anti-combo should not be “play aggro” it should be “now you can disrupt this combo without having to play aggro”. Examples dirty rat, gnome, coldlight and shadowstep, loatheb, watch tower, altar of flames, birds, counterspell, omyogg, mischeif maker, and so forth. Game needs more of and/or buffed versions of some of these. A class like hunter f/e has Wild Bloodstinger lol, that’s way too slow to matter. A class like hunter has freezing trap, or anti-spell secrets, that don’t affect from hand combos. Just examples of poor disruption for hunter.

When disruption can be cheated out its very strong, that’s why mana cheat balancing is just as important as getting enough / good enough disruption in the game. F/e a free counterspell is very powerful, a 3 cost CS is…still powerful just not as much…a 6 cost wild bloodstinger is unplayable and you lose bc they wont buff it. See?

Timers are not the tightrope on combos, your deck’s lethal speed is and its method such as APM mage going face not needing board. F/e Togg Druid Togg priest not being jank decks and actually being strong despite highlight wheels defense. Timers being short don’t stop combos, they would hurt all decks if too short to stop combo, so that idea isn’t effective f/e a 20 second timer hurts all decks not just combo.

Intro disruption, that’s the solution, which requires depth to HS and if they don’t want to do that the game suffers and ppl leave and “new players” win, everyone else loses.

I’m somewhat on the opposite side of the argument. I would very much like for more apm decks to be viable. Increasing the turn limit I don’t think is a good idea though, because it’d take more time from your opponent’s day
I think they should add an option to disable card animations. You just play the card and a second later you see the result. For example you play Shudderlock and 1 second later you see the result of all 50+ battlecries. For example 5000 armor appearnig on you and getting a hand full of copies of it and the opponent’s board is dead or he dies.

At some point I was trying to play a quick c’tun deck, however, I came to the conclusion that the deck is almost impossible to pull of with my setup that plays animations slower that the expensive rigs. Adding an option to disable animations would help people who want to play fun decks, And it won’t take any more time from your opponent than if he was playing with the current settings.

I’m gonna be honest, chief. I didn’t understand a bit of that. Just gimme my turn.

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I’m sorry.
If English isn’t your primary language there are several resources out there, learning a second language is always hard. What nationality are you?

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Azerothian. Can you speak Darnassian?

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No, no…he raises a valid point. Your second post was pretty much standard English. The first was typed in an English/dorker hybrid.

Many cannot speak a geeked dialect. Be considerate:)

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The only function time should have is prevent people from just stalling out games. It should never have as function to limit plays and I in fact think the timer should pause when a card is resolving until it’s done resolving (of course, this timer pause could be combined with a shorter idle timer).

That one doesn’t sound like a bad thing, however an issue may appear when you combine cards like shudderlock with discover cards, that can take as long as they want.

Most OTKs don’t take that many actions.

They have absolutely balanced the game around the timer and how long actions take to perform. It’s why cards like Penflinger take ages to get through and why the original Nozdormu card existed (to tech the long-winded combo decks of yesteryear.)

I just lost a game that would have made me legendary, the rogue player was able to go 40 seconds over timer, I filmed it, and then he hit me with a weapon of 48 damage. I run out of time with my evolve card all the time, so why did this guy play for such a long time with timer never ending.
I don’t believe it’s the animation time, I have high speed internet and anyways, 40 seconds over timer, … not buying it’s animation. There are some bugs that need to be fixed, it’s frustrating.

just to be specific, he played combos of: the coin, loan shark, pen flinger, the coin, the coin, loan shark, pen flinger, the coin, etc, until he hits me over 40 seconds later with necrolord draka for 48 damage

I just assumed you where not addessing the issue,

Its not about combo vs aggro.

Its about the ability of player to keep on playing cards ie 10-30+ even after the timer has appeared to finish.

If that’s because say my 2 year old iPad Pro does not have the grunt to keep up with the animations perhaps they need to speed up the animations.