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Earlier today I was playing an arena, and by the time I was finishing it my internet started going bad. From that moment, as it says in the title, I cannot access the store, nor play arenas. Everything else seems to be working fine.
The store has the text “Store closed” and the arena will not allow me to pay the entrance with real money or gold

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Same here. Store is closed, no entry to DUELS or ARENA are possible.
Not with coins. Not by purchasing it.

The free modes are working though, like battlefield

Same here. European account. Login or even reinstalling the game didn’t help.

Same here. The shop is closed after the latest patch. No issues before the patch.

Same… Just found out about it

Same here. Every purchase with coin is blocked, even hero cards. Never had this issue before the latest patch

Howdy Everyone!

We are currently aware that the shop is having some major issues right now. We are working on a fix as we speak. We will provide updates as we receive them.

Swapping the language to English for the game has been helping most players.

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hello since i update to 22.6 when i log in game shop appear with msg “shop closed”. i tried reinstall game and continue without working. shop was working normally before patch

See this topic:

Changing the language from german to english solved the problem (at least on PC and region Europe). Thanks for the hint!

Doesn’t work for me. I was already playing in English (US) so I tried switching to German and also to English (UK) but nothing works. “Shop Closed” for almost a week now.

Store.log says:

E 12:51:34.2828997 [COMMMERCE(blz_commerce)] 2022-04-03T12:51:34 {35d0} [ERROR] - Failed to call or obtain oauth credentials.
Http Response: [ ResultCode: 2
ResponseCode: 0
SystemCode: 35
Body: ]

Shop still closed after update. Uninstall and reinstall didn’t work either.

Edit: I seem to have figured it out. Despite allowing connections for Hearthstone and Battle.net in the “TinyWall” firewall and even with that firewall disabled the store was not working. Now that I’ve uninstalled that firewall the store is working again.

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