Magic Carpet and Infectious Sporling

Unless I’m missing something, ‘Magic Carpet’ should work with ‘Infectious Sporling’ since it is a 1-Cost minion, but I cannot get it to work in my games. Is this intentional, am I missing something obvious, or is this a bug? Thanks for your time!

If Magic Carpet is on your side of the board when you play Infectious Sporeling (from hand), then it should indeed work to give it +2 and Rush.
But it only affects minions played. So other minions that are turned into an Infectious Sporeling after being hit by one will not be affected by the Magic Carpet.

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Correct. It was on my side, played by me. I then played from my hand the original Infectious Sporeling and nothing happened. No buff, no Rush.

Do you have a screenshot? Or a link to the game on hsreplay?
If this is a bug, then it’s likely caused by a very specific combination of minions on the board and effects in play, that can be hard to reconstruct from memory.

I don’t unfortunately, but if I try the combo again and it happens again I’ll take a screenshot next time.

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when you say ‘the original infectious sporeling’, what do you mean exactly?
from what i can gather from your description is that you have carpet and infectious on field, then you play another from hand? if thats not the case can you then describe in detail how the turn played out, what was on the field, what was played etc.