Mages are by default the most 'Beginner' a player can choose

Two, they can level nearly half their opponent’s health with just 8 mana and two of one of the first spells they get; Fireball.

Granted I’m over here playing an Unholy DK deck which is beyond unfair, but.

Are we just making correct statements now?

What’s the discussion?

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DK’s class I always thought was a weak class! My Reno Mage deck destroys yours in a very IZI way!!


Classe: Mago

Formato: Livre

1x (1) Dom Finlei, Guia Marítimo

1x (2) Arcanóloga

1x (2) Vigia do Sol

1x (2) Zéfiro, o Grande

1x (3) Bloco de Gelo

1x (4) Empresário Artístico C.T.E

1x (3) Bloco de Gelo

1x (4) A Escuridão

1x (5) Limpador a Vapor

1x (4) Evocadora Aguafunda

1x (4) Varden Aurafirme

1x (5) Arcanista Agressiva

1x (5) Fúria de Dragão

1x (5) Kobold Manoleve

1x (5) Limpador a Vapor

1x (5) Repugnaz

1x (5) Zilliax

1x (6) Balinda Larpétreo

1x (6) Geist Esquivo

1x (6) Reno Jackson

1x (6) Reno, o Relicólogo

1x (7) Galáxia Portátil de Luna

1x (7) Magíster Aurafirme

1x (7) Mestre Escriba Solia

1x (7) Mutanus, o Devorador

1x (7) Polimorfia em Massa

1x (9) Alexstrasza

1x (9) Alexstrasza, a Mãe da Vida

1x (9) Nascente do Sol

1x (10) Amuleto da Chama Dracônica

1x (10) Caixa-enigma de Yogg-Saron

1x (10) O Incrível Reno

1x (10) Yogg-Saron, Fim da Esperança


Para usar este deck, copie para a área de transferência e crie um novo deck de Hearthstone

Fireball used to be a pretty good card, but it just falls off hard. I’d probably estimate most Titans era cards are probably about +1-2 mana in soft power above most original classic cards. Dk and fireball included.

it is a powerful spell, and one of the tutorial starting classes, getting people to start out with it.

But turn 8 to remove 12 hp in a Titan’s powerlevel is a bit old. I remember even Frost/unholy dks before just a few expansions ago could literally summon like 30/30 of stats on a marrowgar with rush, or use a unholy frenzy to bloodlust 7 x 3 for nearly the full 21-30 dmg. or even Use that 3/3 blightfang spider to get your opponent to summon for you.

Every deck generally has at least 1 strong thing to shine, but dk definitely can be a very solid juggernaut if you’re starting out. You’ll always lose a few, but just as long as you hold a steady wr and keep on playing, you should climb here and there.

Fireball still works, but it’s no where near the staple it used to be. Discover is as close to seeing this card played anyone will see right now.