Maestra of the Masquerade bug

Maestra of the Masquerade isnt working properly, it doesnt change the starting class which have cost me alot of games, this is a link for a reference video. ( The bug started after the “Mercenaries” update. Please take a look at it


I can confirm this bug. Exactly like Sebcrow said: Maestra is not working properly. In most cases I am Valeera with the Maestra deck, sometimes Anduin (Anduin was the only working transformation in my last test session).

Please fix this! Golden Maestra was an expensive craft - not nice to see it’s not working after this huge investment! :frowning:

Side note here: My Rogue isn’t Golden - but my Maestra is. In cases I start as a Maestra-Rogue I should be golden until I play a Rogue card. Why? Because even I do now there is the Maestra animation, taking away the “mask”. So in the Rogue-Rogue case it should be the golden mask taken away! :wink:

I thought again about it. Maestras card text says: “You start the game as a different class until you play a Rogue card.”

It should be impossible to get out as a Rogue while playing Maestra. Only the other 9 classes should be possible as a transformation match. It’s not only the card text, the idea of the card is to wear a mask to deceive someone. No Rogue would wear a Rogue costume… So please fix that!

The bug is still not solved.

Does anybody know if the achievement works? After many many games started I still didn´t get Shaman or DemonHunter. Therefore I got Rogueskin in some games. But it doesn´t matter for the achievement. It counts anyway. But I just don´t get DemonHunter or shaman. Just wanna know if this is waste of time atm, cause of a bug.

It is 9/15 and the bug Is still there, if they dont want to fix it at least return the dust we have spend crafting it!

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Quote from current patch note:
" * Fixed a bug where Maestra of the Masquerade would sometimes have you start the game as a Rogue (not her best disguise)."

The bug is still NOT solved! I tryed it out: Valeera, Valeera, Valeera, Anduin, Valeera

It’s like before the patch. :frowning:

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Yeah, It Is indeed still bugged, I would prefer a dust refound at this point

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It is still bugged. It’s really annoying