Macbook Pro 2019 16" overheating (Hearthstone)

Hearthstone is the most simple interface and graphics yet it causes my brand new Macbook Pro to overheat with the fans running like berserk? Why? Superfun game tho.


+1 I have the same issue. 16 inch i9 Radeon 5500 8GB VRAM 32GB memory. Runs beautifully except for the fans going crazy and around 75% of the Radeon processor being consistently used. Can run LoL at full max settings with less GPU utilization.

Did you find a solution? My MBP is running very hot as well.

Had the same problem for several month and this is what i did to fix the problem on Catalina (probably also works under Mojave). In the application Settings -> General -> Untick the checkmark next to “Use browser acceleration when available”. Changing the way the application is executed (CMD+I) on the and tested with “Open in Low Resolution” checked and unchecked both seem to run fine now. Hope this helps.

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