Macbook launch white screen

Hej i just downloaded on my macbook hearstone and when i launch the game to start i only get a white screen and nothing happends. what to do… i tried everything… plz help

Hey, Raymond!

It looks like you are on an older version of macOS. You can find the minimum requirements here:

You can find an update to 10.12.6 here:

If you computer supports newer macOS versions, it is recommended to get the newest one you can install. :wink:

I already have the newest update on my mac :frowning:

I was showing you on macOS 10.10.1. If you are not able to update further, you would not be able to launch the game on that system.

I have mac version 10.10.5

so i have the newest

Heya Ramond,

Sorry for any confusion, we could have been a bit more clear. 10.10.5 is an unsupported operating system version. We are only able to support 10.12 or later Mac OS versions.

More details on the Mac system requirements here.

Sorry again for the miscommunication and thank you for your patience in these matters. I wish we had better news but I hope the information helps clear up what’s happening with the game.