Loot isn't tradeable after server crash

Was in a pug Hyjal raid on Pagle just before the server crashed today, and killed Archimonde (got my achievement) and the raid lead (Shintia) looted the boss but then the server went down.
When it came back up, the items in their inventory can’t be traded. Need to get those unlocked so they can be traded to raid members who need them.

The forums are for community based troubleshoot of local technical issues involving the account, client, network or system. They are also specific to the game they are listed under. Your issue appears to be an in game issue involving World of Warcraft and would not be something the Hearthstone Community or even the WoW community would be able to assist with.

I recommend that you submit a ticket to have the issue looked at by a Game Master. You can do this by clicking the support link at the top of this page and then clicking contact support.